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 Intel Graphics - Windows 10 DCH Drivers Version:

  • Performance optimizations for DX11 titles.
  Performance improvements
  • Enabled Pixel Shader SIMD Profile-Guided Optimizations, selecting the best pixel shader compilation mode automatically, to boost performance in DX11 titles including Overwatch*, Paladins* and Hearthstone*.
  • Performance optimizations for Fortnite* and other Unreal Engine 4-based titles.
  • DirectML D3D12 MetaCommand performance optimizations for fp16 topologies.
  Developer highlights
  • Support for SPV_EXT_physical_storage_buffer extension.
  • New Vulkan Extension VK_EXT_buffer_device address allows the application to query a 64-bit buffer device address for a buffer.
  • Added OpenCL SPIR-V support to the public IntelGPUCompiler API on top of existing DX11 and DX12 support. IntelGPUCompiler API allows developers to compile their shaders into Intel GPU assembly instructions.
  • Implemented the latest iteration of VK_KHR_swapchain (version 70) to allow binding memory from swap chain to raw images created by applications.