Author Topic: TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.7.5  (Read 8937 times)

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TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.7.5
« on: December 21, 2013, 12:07:47 AM »

    Fixed crash/hang on NVIDIA Optimus
    Fixed crash during CUDA detection
    Added voltage monitoring support for new Bonaire/Pitcairn SKUs
    Fixed BIOS reading on AMD Mars and Oland
    Added support for AMD Radeon R7 260, HD 7600A, HD 8850M, HD 8400, HD 8240, HD 7620G
    Added support for NVIDIA GeForce 705A, GTX 645, GTX 650 OEM, Grid K260Q, Quadro K5100M, K6000
    Added support for Intel GMA (Bay Trail), HD 4200
    Windows 8.1 will now be detected properly
    Sensor data in shared memory will now update once per second, as intended