OpenCL 1.1 specifications

Started by Stefan, June 15, 2010, 01:48:00 AM

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OpenCL 1.1 includes significant new functionality including::

    * Host-thread safety, enabling OpenCL commands to be enqueued from multiple host threads;
    * Sub-buffer objects to distribute regions of a buffer across multiple OpenCL devices;
    * User events to enable enqueued OpenCL commands to wait on external events;
    * Event callbacks that can be used to enqueue new OpenCL commands based on event state changes in a non-blocking manner;
    * 3-component vector data types;
    * Global work-offset which enable kernels to operate on different portions of the NDRange;
    * Memory object destructor callback;
    * Read, write and copy a 1D, 2D or 3D rectangular region of a buffer object;
    * Mirrored repeat addressing mode and additional image formats;
    * New OpenCL C built-in functions such as integer clamp, shuffle and asynchronous strided copies;
    * Improved OpenGL interoperability through efficient sharing of images and buffers by linking OpenCL event objects to OpenGL fence sync objects;
    * Optional features in OpenCL 1.0 have been bought into core OpenCL 1.1 including: writes to a pointer of bytes or shorts from a kernel, and conversion of atomics to 32-bit integers in local or global memory.

The OpenCL 1.1 specification and header files are available in the Khronos Registry
The OpenCL 1.1 Quick Reference card.
The OpenCL 1.1 Online Man pages.
OpenCL PDF Overview Click here (June 2010)