File: GPU Tweak III


Added on: 2022-06-30

Platform: windows 64-bit


Description: ASUS GPU Tweak III: one-click Overclocking Utility for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards. GPU Tweak enables complete control over 3D graphics performance and monitoring. New features and UI designs from our enthusiastic community are continually added through frequent updates. The result is an extremely intuitive and capable utility.

v1.5.1.3 highlights:

Major Changes:
- If a user has installed external fans via FanConnect II headers, GPU Tweak III automatically recognizes them, and reveals related settings in the interface.
- Fixed a crash that could occur that was related to the Nagato.exe module.

OSD Changes:
- Modified the saving behavior of OSD profiles. This fixes multiple bugs, including one where positional data could not be saved correctly and another that could cause a crash due to name length.
- Also optimized the behavior of changing OSD profiles in game to remove redundant steps that could cause hiccups in performance.
- Fixed issues related to the OSD failing to start.
- On some systems, OSD profiles were not properly removed during installation or upgrade if the user selected Clean Install.

Other Changes:
- Ensured that the unit used in the Dashboard for GPU Voltage stays consistent, as it could incorrectly display mV on cards that do not support direct voltage adjustment.
- Fixed instances where the TUF Gaming logo did not appear on the Home screen when respective graphics cards were installed.
- If a multiple AMD graphics cards were installed, the second card's name would previously display incorrectly.
- Some AMD fan identifiers would also previously display incorrectly.
- Updated the installation package to ensure that Visual C++ 2017 is properly installed.
- Fixed an issue with the slider bar in the Log Viewer that prevented viewing of all items.

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GPU Tweak III screenshot

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