File: Open Shell

Version: 4.4.170

Added on: 2022-06-14

Platform: windows 32-bit


Description: Reborn of Classic Shell, that brings back the classic style Start Menu for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
Changelog v4.4.170:

- Improved compatibility with WindowBlinds
- Show Settings above Control Panel by default
- Display Modern settings search results above Control Panel ones
- Added options for aligning the start menu at the edge of working area instead of the taskbar
- Easier access to taskbar options
- Don't change Taskbar text color/texture until relaunch

- Don't show jump list for Settings application
- Setup: Fix installer warning on Windows 7
- Use modern Help icon in Classic/Two column menu style
- Fix Shutdown item text
- Skinning fixes

More info: [web]


Open Shell screenshot

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