File: HWiNFO

Version: 7.36 (portable)

ADDED ON: 2023-01-13

PLATFORM: windows 64-bit

DESCRIPTION: Free hardware analysis, monitoring and reporting tool for Windows (CPU, motherboard, GPU, RAM, etc).

v7.36 changlog:

Improved support of AMD Threadripper PRO (Chagall).
Improved sensor tooltips.
Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS ProArt B650-CREATOR.
Fixed reporting of Front End Clock on AMD Navi 3x.
Improved consistency of sensor polling interval.
Added monitoring of aging data on ASUS Z690, Z790 and X670E series.
Changed default font in sensors for CJK languages.
Added monitoring of MSI MEG Ai1000P and Ai1300P PSUs.
Added NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti.
Added monitoring of System Fan 7/8 on GIGABYTE X670E series.

HWiNFO changelog:

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HWiNFO screenshot

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