Hello and welcome to Geeks3D.

This blog has been created with the unique purpose of writing about 3D tech news as often as possible (ideally each and every day but it’s very hard…). There are many websites focused on graphics hardware, a bit less on graphics programming, two domains I like. So my idea was to gather in one place all news that matter in both fields.

Geeks3D covers a variety of topics including graphics cards, gaming computers, graphics programming, OpenGL, Vulkan, Direct3D, PhysX, real time 3D softwares, demoscene, in a word anything that is related to the crazy world of 3D!

I’m a french guy, so please be tolerant with my english, I try to write it as best I can. If you see a big mistake in what I wrote, do not hesitate to point it out!

How to contact me:
– DM on @Geeks3D
– DM on @JeGX
– Email can be found in my GPU tools…

Enjoy Reading!