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201GPU Caps Viewer 1.42.0 Released (updated: v1.42.6)2019-03-22 | GPU Caps Viewer
202GPU Shark Released (Updated: v0.13.1.0)2019-03-22 | GPU-Shark
203(GDC 2019) The Heretic: Real Time Cinematic Short Film Made with Unity 2019.12019-03-19 | Gamedev, tech demo
204NEON NOIR: Real Time Ray Tracing Demo based on CRYENGINE2019-03-15 | Gamedev, General Tech
205AMD Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.2 released (DX12 for Win7 and Vulkan 1.1.101 support added)2019-03-15 | AMD Graphics Driver
206NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Launched2019-03-14 | Graphics Cards
207(Tested) Cinebench R20 CPU Benchmark Released2019-03-06 | Benchmarks, Tests
208NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB Launched (RTX OFF!)2019-02-22 | Graphics Cards
209AMD Radeon VII 16GB Launched2019-02-07 | Graphics Cards
210(Tested) 3DMark Updated with NVIDIA DLSS Performance Test2019-02-05 | Benchmarks, Tests
211NVIDIA GeForce 418.81 WHQL Graphics Drivers Released, GeForce RTX for Laptop and Vulkan 1.1.95 support added2019-02-05 | NVIDIA Graphics Driver
212Intel Graphics Driver Released, Vulkan 1.1.95 and new OpenGL Extensions Added2019-01-18 | Intel HD Graphics
213NVIDIA GeForce 417.71 WHQL Graphics Drivers2019-01-15 | NVIDIA Graphics Driver
214(Tested) 3DMark Port Royal DirectX Raytracing Benchmark2019-01-14 | Benchmarks
215AMD Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.1.1 released with better Fortnite support and Vulkan 1.1.962019-01-11 | AMD Graphics Driver
216MadView3D 0.3.2 released for Windows and Linux2019-01-07 | GeeXLab, MadView3D
217H4shG3n 0.2.0 Simple Hash Code Generator (MD5, SHA1, SHA256) (updated: v0.3.2)2019-01-07 | GeeXLab, H4shG3n
218GPU Caps Viewer 1.41.0 Released (Updated v1.41.3.0)2018-12-31 | GPU Caps Viewer
219Intel Graphics Driver Released, Vulkan 1.1.93 Support Added2018-12-21 | Intel HD Graphics
220How to Enable Intel OpenCL Support on Windows when AMD Radeon Graphics Driver is Installed2018-12-20 | GPU Computing
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