YAFFplayer 0.5.8 released for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi OS (Updated: v0.5.9.0 for win64)

YAFFplayer video player - based on FFmpeg and GeeXLab


A new version of YAFFplayer is ready for Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit and for the first time Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit is also supported.

YAFFplayer is a simple video player based on FFmpeg and made with GeeXLab. Thanks to yt-dlp (the successor of the popular but now inactive youtube-dl), YAFFplayer can easily download video files from many youtube-like websites and even videos from Twitter.


Update (2022.06.20): v0.5.9.0

I fixed audio bugs with some audio codecs (dts, ac3 and eac3). With some videos formats (.mkv), the audio was played too fast and since the video is synchronized on the audio, the full video was played too fast. FFmpeg is powerful but its programming is often tricky!



Version - 2022.06.20
- (win64) fixed another bugs in the audio decoding (for dts, eac3, ac3 codecs) 
  module of the FFmpeg plugin.
- (win64) updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2022.06.01
- (win64, linux64, raspberrypi) updated with yt-dlp 2022.5.18.0.
- (win64, linux64, raspberrypi) fixed some audio bugs in the FFmpeg plugin.
- (win64, linux64, raspberrypi) updated FFmpeg plugin with latest 
   FFmpeg SDK version 5.0.1 and latest SDL2 2.0.22.
- (win64, linux64, raspberrypi) updated with GeeXLab 0.46.0.

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