Intel Arc A380 Desktop Graphics Card Launched (Update 2022.06.22: first tests)

Intel Arc A380 Desktop Graphics Card

Intel has launched its first real desktop graphics card… in China! Why??? Intel is afraid of western websites reviews? Regardless the reason, the Intel Arc A380 is now real for around USD $150.

The Arc A380 is based on the Xe-HPG architecture and comes with 8 Xe-cores (1 Xe-core = 16 EUs = 128 ALUs) or 128 EUs (the GPU codename is DG2-128). The GPU (TSMC 6nm) is clocked at 2GHz the PCB embarks 6GB of GDDR6 graphics memory running at 15.5 Gbps. The card has a TDP of 75W.

The A380 is an entry-level graphics card for 1080p gaming and targets cards like AMD’s Radeon RX 6400. The A380 debuts in China and should be available globally later this summer.

The Arc A380 supports hardware raytracing (Vulkan and DX12) and I can’t wait to test this support!

Here is the press release published by Intel:

Intel Arc A380 Graphics Available in China

New Intel Arc A380 graphics brings next-generation technologies to mainstream gamers and content creators.

Intel has announced the availability of the Intel® Arc™ A380 graphics processing unit (GPU), the first of its Arc A-series 3 graphics desktop products, providing mainstream gamers and content creators with a new option. The Intel Arc A380 GPU, with 6GB of GDDR6 to support the latest games, will be available from desktop PC ecosystem partners Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, GUNNIR, HP, and MSI starting this month. The release will begin in China and expand globally during the summer.

Intel Arc A-series 3 graphics desktop products represent the next step in Intel’s journey to bring discrete graphics to market. They are Intel’s first fully featured desktop cards based on the Intel® Xe High Performance Graphics (Xe HPG) microarchitecture.

Intel Arc A-series 3 graphics brings next-generation technologies to mainstream gamers and creators with the most complete technology feature set in this market segment, ready for next-generation workloads:

– The Intel Arc A380 GPU supports the full set of DirectX 12 Ultimate features, including hardware accelerated ray tracing, and delivers fluid 1080p gaming experience at 60 frames per second (FPS) and above with popular titles like League of Legends, Moonlight Blade, Naraka: Bladepoint, and PUBG: Battlegrounds.

– Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (Intel XMX) AI acceleration engines enable faster content creation and power Intel’s AI-based super sampling technology, XeSS, which arrives this summer.

– The Xe Media Engine enables the future of video processing with industry-first hardware AV1 encoding acceleration, also supports HEVC and H.264 encode and decode, and is capable of 8K resolution media processing.
– The Xe Display Engine supports up to four 4K 120Hz HDR displays, up to two 8K 60Hz displays, or up to 360Hz for 1080p and 1440p resolutions.

– Intel Deep Link technologies harness the power of Intel® CPUs and GPUs to unleash new levels of performance and efficiency across a variety of workloads.

Intel Arc A380 GPUs will be available in China this month through system builders and then as components by original equipment manufacturers, followed shortly by system and component sales in other regions. The Intel Arc A380 GPU, with a recommended customer price of 1,030 yuan including VAT, delivers up to 25% better performance per yuan2 than available competitive offerings as measured by performance on a selection of popular games.



UPDATE (2022.06.19): GUNNIR Arc A380 PHOTON

source: mydrivers
GUNNIR Arc A380 PHOTON homepage

This card has a GPU clocked at 2450MHz and has a TBP (total board power) of 92W (a 8-pin power connector is required).

GUNNIR Arc A380 Graphics card
GUNNIR Arc A380 Graphics card
GUNNIR Arc A380 Graphics card
GUNNIR Arc A380 Graphics card
GUNNIR Arc A380 Graphics card
GUNNIR Arc A380 Graphics card


UPDATE (2022.06.22): First real tests

source: bilibili

In synthetic benchmarks, the Arc A380 offers similar or better performances than Radeon RX 6400 but in gaming, the Radeon RX 6400 and the GeForce GTX 1650 are faster.

3DMark Firestrike:
Intel Arc A380 - 3DMark Firestrike

3DMark Port Royal (ray tracing):
Intel Arc A380 - 3DMark Port Royal

Gaming scores:
Intel Arc A380 - Gaming scores

FurMark stress test:
Intel Arc A380 - FurMark stress test


UPDATE (2022.07.13): Intel Arc A380 Gaming GPU Review & Benchmarks vs. AMD RX 6400, GTX 1650

This is our first Intel Arc GPU benchmark & review (other than the DG1) for a true gaming desktop video card from Intel. The Arc A380 competes with the AMD RX 6400 closest, maybe the GT 1630 (we’ll see), and aims to be a $130-$150 card. The A380 launched only in China at first, but will very likely find its way into the rest of the world’s markets. The Intel Arc A750 is coming next, and we have shots of that in this video, but we don’t have a price target on it yet. These cards also have AV1 capabilities, which is something we’ll look at in a future piece!

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    Support for Intel Arc A770M and A550M Graphics (Codename Alchemist).

    Advanced Performance Optimizations: A new feature now available within Arc Control that allows users to select and enable advanced application optimizations. The initial implementation of the feature only affects 3DMark Timespy and 3DMark Port Royale. Integrated graphics performance, as well as discrete GPU game and content creation applications will see no performance impact from the disabling of the optimizations

    Intel Arc BETA graphics driver

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