YAFFplayer 0.2.0: Yet Another FFmpeg-based Video Player (Updated v0.2.7)

YAFFplayer video player



YAFFplayer is a video player based on FFmpeg library. YAFFplayer is an application made with GeeXLab. YAFFplayer can play all video formats supported by FFmpeg but I essentially tested the .mp4 format because MP4 files are very common, especially when you download videos from youtube with… youtube-dl.

youtube-dl is the main reason that pushed me to develop YAFFplayer. I wanted a simple user interface around this command line tool to quickly download videos with best format and occasionally extract MP3. I quickly coded that interface with GeeXLab (and ImGui) and YAFFplayer was born.

YAFFplayer is a simple video player. Basic functions are there: playing, pausing, and forward/backward seeking. To load a video, just drag and drop the video file into YAFFplayer. You can also load a video via command line (yaffplayer path_to_video_file).

Besides these basic functions, YAFFplayer includes video effect filters (more filters will be added in next versions) and the possibility to download videos from all youtube-like websites (complete list is available HERE). To download a video, copy the video URL, click on the [Video++] button, click on the [Paste video link] button and click on [Download video] button. Videos are saved in YAFFplayer/dl/ folder.

YAFFplayer video player

YAFFplayer has no pretensions to being a widely used video player. It’s just an experimental tool that allows me to improve the FFmpeg plugin of GeeXLab.

I plan to add some of the following features in next versions:
– SQLite3 database to store settings
– new video filters
– more GPU accelerated video decoding (dxva2, qsv) .
– video mapping
– VR
– playlist
– more…



Version - 2020.05.29
- updated youtube-dl v2020.05.29
- updated with FFmpeg 4.2.3
- updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2020.05.08
- updated youtube-dl v2020.05.08
- updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2020.03.26
- updated youtube-dl v2020.03.24

Version - 2020.03.10
- (win64, linux64) updated youtube-dl v2020.03.08.0
- updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2020.02.20
- updated youtube-dl v2020.02.16
- updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2020.01.24
- updated youtube-dl v2020.01.24

Version 0.2.4 - 2020.01.23
- updated youtube-dl v2020.01.15
- updated with GeeXLab

Version 0.2.3 - 2020.01.05
- updated youtube-dl v2020.01.01
- updated with GeeXLab

Version 0.2.2 - 2019.12.04
- updated youtube-dl v2019.11.28
- updated with GeeXLab

Version 0.2.1 - 2019.11.27
- added an option for vertical synchronization
  in the app/settings.lua file.
- Linux: based on GeeXLab 0.29.7 compiled with GLIBC 2.23 (Ubuntu 16.04).
- updated youtube-dl v2019.11.22 on Linux.

Version 0.2.0 - 2019.11.22
- first public release on Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi.
- built with GeeXLab 0.29.6, FFmpeg 4.2.0 and youtube-dl v2019.11.22 (windows) 
  and youtube-dl v2019.11.05 (linux).

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