YAFFplayer 0.2.0: Yet Another FFmpeg-based Video Player (Updated v0.2.7)

YAFFplayer video player



YAFFplayer is a video player based on FFmpeg library. YAFFplayer is an application made with GeeXLab. YAFFplayer can play all video formats supported by FFmpeg but I essentially tested the .mp4 format because MP4 files are very common, especially when you download videos from youtube with… youtube-dl.

youtube-dl is the main reason that pushed me to develop YAFFplayer. I wanted a simple user interface around this command line tool to quickly download videos with best format and occasionally extract MP3. I quickly coded that interface with GeeXLab (and ImGui) and YAFFplayer was born.

YAFFplayer is a simple video player. Basic functions are there: playing, pausing, and forward/backward seeking. To load a video, just drag and drop the video file into YAFFplayer. You can also load a video via command line (yaffplayer path_to_video_file).

Besides these basic functions, YAFFplayer includes video effect filters (more filters will be added in next versions) and the possibility to download videos from all youtube-like websites (complete list is available HERE). To download a video, copy the video URL, click on the [Video++] button, click on the [Paste video link] button and click on [Download video] button. Videos are saved in YAFFplayer/dl/ folder.

YAFFplayer video player

YAFFplayer has no pretensions to being a widely used video player. It’s just an experimental tool that allows me to improve the FFmpeg plugin of GeeXLab.

I plan to add some of the following features in next versions:
– SQLite3 database to store settings
– new video filters
– more GPU accelerated video decoding (dxva2, qsv) .
– video mapping
– VR
– playlist
– more…



Version - 2020.05.29
- updated youtube-dl v2020.05.29
- updated with FFmpeg 4.2.3
- updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2020.05.08
- updated youtube-dl v2020.05.08
- updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2020.03.26
- updated youtube-dl v2020.03.24

Version - 2020.03.10
- (win64, linux64) updated youtube-dl v2020.03.08.0
- updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2020.02.20
- updated youtube-dl v2020.02.16
- updated with GeeXLab

Version - 2020.01.24
- updated youtube-dl v2020.01.24

Version 0.2.4 - 2020.01.23
- updated youtube-dl v2020.01.15
- updated with GeeXLab

Version 0.2.3 - 2020.01.05
- updated youtube-dl v2020.01.01
- updated with GeeXLab

Version 0.2.2 - 2019.12.04
- updated youtube-dl v2019.11.28
- updated with GeeXLab

Version 0.2.1 - 2019.11.27
- added an option for vertical synchronization
  in the app/settings.lua file.
- Linux: based on GeeXLab 0.29.7 compiled with GLIBC 2.23 (Ubuntu 16.04).
- updated youtube-dl v2019.11.22 on Linux.

Version 0.2.0 - 2019.11.22
- first public release on Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi.
- built with GeeXLab 0.29.6, FFmpeg 4.2.0 and youtube-dl v2019.11.22 (windows) 
  and youtube-dl v2019.11.05 (linux).

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  1. Alex

    Awesome project. Is it open for us to modify and create derived projects?

    1. JeGX Post Author

      All source codes will be available with the GeeXLab PRO Pack… I’m working on it.

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