glBlendView: OpenGL Blending Factors Viewer

glBlendView: OpenGL Blending Factors Viewer


glBlendView is a small utility for OpenGL (and Vulkan) developers that allows to quickly visualize the effect of any combination of blending factors (GL_ONE, GL_SRC_ALPHA, …) and blending equation (ADD, SUBSTRACT, …).

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glBlendView is a standalone application made with GeeXLab and coded in Python 3. glBlendView is available for Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit and macOS (tested and developed on the latest macOS Mojave). Versions for other platforms (Raspberry Pi and Tinker Board will follow later…).

If you want to test the blending factors with your own images, just edit the file at the root folder and set the absolute paths to the image files.

source_image = "C:/temp/image0.png"
destination_image = "C:/temp/image1.png"

The source code in Python is available in the _src/ folder.

glBlendView: OpenGL Blending Factors Viewer

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