GPU Caps Viewer 1.41.0 Released (Updated v1.41.3.0)

GPU Caps Viewer 1.41.0

A new version of GPU Caps Viewer, a graphics card / GPU information and monitoring utility, is available.

1 – Download hash codes:
- file size => 13334576 bytes
- MD5       => 60cb9062a893091661607d9f275019c5
- SHA1      => ec2f305b3f0f412d719c7c03705341276abdfeab
- SHA256    => ca1e9361f605728ab34288559e5fcca3f3d86f94b191aaf4e9dd84288c4c8e2b
GPU_Caps_Viewer_Setup_v1.41.3.0.exe hash codes:
- file size => 10416427 bytes
- MD5       => 68eb8fe58dfe6212390c96d8bf132efd
- SHA1      => a0d07f3beca6518739db44b090c416c1d97927c0
- SHA256    => 0a6c3494ce8623eecf7296a7614975a070dbd0b544edd8f06f7d3792df48373d

For feedbacks and bug-reports, you can use the comment section of this post or a forum thread available HERE.


2 – Release Notes

This new version of GPU Caps Viewer brings changes in the GPU and CUDA panels. In the GPU panel, OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan and CUDA fields are now linked to the selected GPU when several GPUs (multi-GPU) are present in the system (see this topic ). In previous versions of GPU Caps Viewer, only the Vulkan field was linked to the selected GPU while other fields were related to the primary GPU only.

On my dev system, I have a RTX 2070 and a GT 1030.

– RTX 2070:

GPU Caps Viewer 1.41.0 - GPU panel + GeForce RTX 2070

– GT 1030

GPU Caps Viewer 1.41.0 - GPU panel + GeForce GT 1030

The second change is in the CUDA panel which comes with new information: memory clock speed, memory bus width, number of CUDA cores, PCI bus ID, L2 cache:

GPU Caps Viewer 1.41.0 - CUDA panel + GeForce RTX 2070

A bug in the GeeXLab demos has been fixed for Intel GPUs (see this topic). On Intel GPUs, the 2D info (text + logo) was not rendered.

GPU Caps Viewer 1.41.0 - GeeXLab demo - Tesselation on Intel GPU


3 – Changelog

Version - 2019.01.16
+ added support of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.
- dropped support of Windows XP.
! updated with latest GeeXLab SDK libs.
! updated: GPU Shark
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.22.5 (GPU monitoring library).

Version - 2019.01.04
! Intel GPUs: only EUs are displayed in the GPU panel.
+ added detection of additional Intel UHD 630 and 
 Iris Plus Graphics 655 GPUs.
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.22.4 (GPU monitoring library).

Version - 2019.01.04
+ added GPU power info (min/max values) for Radeon HD 7000 series 
  in the GPU panel.
! Intel GPUs: now the number of cores and EUs are displayed in the GPU panel.
* fixed crash during startup on Radeon HD 7000 series 
  like Radeon HD 7970 or Radeon HD 7850. The crash was caused by the reading
  of PowerTune info (OverDrive5 only) in the GeeXLab GPU monitoring plugin.
! updated with latest GeeXLab SDK libs.
! updated: GPU Shark
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.22.3 (GPU monitoring library).

Version - 2018.12.29
+ added NVIDIA Titan RTX support.
! GPU panel and multi-GPU support: when it's possible, Vulkan, 
  OpenCL, CUDA and OpenGL data is linked to the selected GPU.
  Useful when you have an Intel GPU + an NVIDIA or AMD GPU.
! updated CUDA panel with new information (bus id, mem clock, 
  mem bandwidth, L2 cache).
* fixed a bug in GPU program initialization (OpenGL) in the 
  kx framework of GeeXLab demos: the GPU programs were not 
  created on Intel GPUs.
! updated with latest GeeXLab SDK libs.
! updated: GPU Shark
! updated: ZoomGPU 1.22.2 (GPU monitoring library).


4 – What is GPU Caps Viewer?

GPU Caps Viewer is a graphics card information utility focused on the OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL and CUDA API level support of the main (primary) graphics card. For Vulkan, OpenCL and CUDA, GPU Caps Viewer details the API support of each capable device available in the system. GPU Caps Viewer offers also a simple GPU monitoring facility (clock speed, temperature, GPU usage, fan speed) for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon based graphics cards.

GPU Caps Viewer - all panels

9 thoughts on “GPU Caps Viewer 1.41.0 Released (Updated v1.41.3.0)”

  1. fredo

    GPU Caps Viewer don’t work and logs an Application Error
    Win 10.0.17763.195-64 @ Intel i7-3770 + XFX Radeon HD 7850 (Pitcairn Pro)
    Win 10.0.17763.195-64 @ AMD E-350 + AMD Radeon HD 6310 (Wrestler Loveland)
    Version has no problem and works proper.

    1. JeGX Post Author

      What are your graphics drivers?
      I will test GPU Caps Viewer on a HD 7970 maybe I can reproduce the crash.

      1. fredo

        AMD XFX Radeon HD 7850
        – Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Version 18.12.3
        Version der Radeon Einstellungen – 2018.1217.2016.36482
        Versionshinweise anzeigen –
        Treiber-Paketversion –
        Anbieter – Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
        2D-Treiberversion –
        Direct3D® Version –
        OpenGL® Version – 25.20.15000.13543
        OpenCL™ Version – 25.20.15003.5010
        AMD Mantle-Version –
        AMD Mantle API-Version – Not Available
        AMD Audio-Treiberversion –
        Vulkan™ Driver Version – 2.0.64
        Vulkan™ API Version – 1.1.86

        AMD IGP Radeon HD 6310
        – AMD Catalyst Control Center – 1.00.0000 Microsoft legarcy driver
        Treiber-Paketversion – 15.201.1151-150821a-184724E
        Anbieter – Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
        2D-Treiberversion –
        2D-Treiberpfad – /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Class/{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}/0000
        Direct3D-Version –
        OpenGL-Version –
        Mantle-Treiberversion –
        Mantle-API-Version – Nicht verfügbar
        AMD Catalyst Control Center-Version – 2015.0821.2209.38003

        1. JeGX Post Author

          Thanks. I reproduced the bug with a Radeon HD 7970. GPU Caps Viewer works perfectly with a Radeon RX 470 or RX Vega but crashes with a HD 7970. According to the log file, a possible workaround is to disable the gpu monitoring plugin of the GeeXLab engine: just rename the gxcplugins/plugin_gxc_gpumon_x32.dll file and GPU Caps Viewer should run without problem. I will fix plugin_gxc_gpumon_x32.dll as soon as possible.

  2. teal

    Last version that work with Windows XP was at least in my case.

  3. Daniel

    GPU Caps viewer 1.41.3 does not work on my PC. It starts, displays “Scanning graphics hardware” for few seconds, and then silently exits. _log.txt file is empty. I found that it crashes. Here are data from event log: exception code 0xc0000005, offset 0x0000488e, error in module C:\WINDOWS\System32\amdvlk32.dll

    My system:
    Windows 10 Pro
    NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 (driver version 419.35)
    AMD Radeon R7 240 (driver version 2442.9)

  4. Yvonne

    We found an issue on OpenCL GPU PostFX. the fps is low, and check it run on iGPU, do you have any suggestion for it?

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