AMD Crimson 17.9.2 BETA Gaming Graphics Driver Released (OpenGL 4.5 + Vulkan 1.0.51)

AMD Crimson logo

AMD has published a new set of graphics drivers for all Radeon-based graphics cards (RX Vega, RX 500, RX 400, R9, R7, R5 and HD 7000 series). Crimson 17.9.2 brings the support of multi-GPU for Radeon RX Vega series. This multi-GPU support is limited to two GPUs (2-way CrossFire).

You can download the Crimson 17.9.2 from THIS PAGE or from Geeks3D server (Win10 64-bit only).

AMD Crimson 17.9.2 software information
GPU Caps Viewer + AMD Crimson 17.9.2 + Radeon RX 470

Crimson 17.9.2 offers the same OpenGL and Vulkan support than Crimson 17.7.2:
OpenGL 4.5 (4.5.13492 Compatibility Profile/Debug Context 22.19.677.1) with 314 openGL extensions (GL=290 and WGL=24) for a Radeon RX 470
Vulkan 1.0.51