Sulon Q VR/AR All-in-One Headset Powered by AMD

Sulon Q VR/AR headset

The Sulon Q is a new headset for VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) made by Sulon Technologies (a start-up based in Toronto, Canada) and powered by AMD processors.

The Sulon Q is a tether-free and all-in-one headset: all processing components are packed in the HMD (head mounted display). The headset is powered by and AMD FX-8800P processor (codenamed Carrizo) with a Radeon R7 and comes with 8GB of DDR3L memory as well as a 256GB SSD. The power consumption of the FX-8800P should not exceed 35W. The Sulon Q comes with a pre-installed version of Windows 10, allowing the headset to run all Windows applications including Direct3D 12 and Vulkan based ones.

A SDK for programming the Sulon Q should be available shortly and will
provide details for development for the Sulon Q headset, technical documentation, samples, and open source demos with instructional videos.

The Sulon Q should be launched in spring 2016.

Sulon Q headset specs