GLSL Hacker – Simple Demos for Beginners

GLSL Hacker demos for Beginners

Here is a selection of some GLSL Hacker demos recently added in the code sample pack that show some simple use cases of GLSL Hacker. All demos use Lua as main scripting language.

1 – Rubik’s Cube

A demo that explains how to build and renders the popular Rubik’s Cube (I learnt during the coding of this demo that face colors have to follow some rules…). This demo requires GLSL Hacker (Windows only at the time of writing).

– Complete article: How To Create and Draw a Rubik’s Cube @ GLSL Hacker blog

GLSL Hacker demo - Rubik's Cube

2 – Bouncing Boxes

A demo that explains how to code some boxes that bounce at the borders of the 3D window.

– Complete article: Bouncing Boxes at Window Borders @ GLSL Hacker blog

3 – Drawing Letters With Mouse

A demo that shows how to use the mouse to draw a letter at the mouse position with random orientation and scale:

– Complete article: Drawing Letters With Mouse @ GLSL Hacker blog

GLSL Hacker demo - Drawing Letters With Mouse