GLSL Hacker 0.8.0 Released

GLSL Hacker demotool

A new version of GLSL Hacker is ready for your 3D demos and prototypes on Windows, Linux and OS X. Here is an overview of the main changes and features available in GLSL Hacker 0.8.0 since the last official release:

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The complete changelog is available HERE.

GLSL Hacker for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X can be downloaded from THIS PAGE.

All code samples can be downloaded in a single zip file HERE.

An english forum is available HERE and a french forum HERE.

GLSL Hacker - TTF/OFT fonts demos
GLSL Hacker - TTF/OFT fonts demos

FreeType-GL plugin (TTF and OTF) demo

GLSL Hacker - omnidirectional shadow mapping

Omnidirectional shadow mapping

GLSL Hacker - PhysX 3 fluids

PhysX 3 particles/fluids demo

GLSL Hacker - user clipping planes

User clipping planes

GLSL Hacker - Autodesk FBX mesh loader

Autodesk FBX mesh loader

GLSL Hacker - Leap Motion

Leap Motion test on OS X