MSI Kombustor 3.5.0 released, New GPU Computing Tests Added (Updated: v3.5.1.0 + v2.5.9)

MSI Kombustor

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1 – MSI Kombustor Downloads

MSI Kombustor v3.5.2 + v2.6.0 UPDATES available HERE

MSI Kombustor (64-bit):

MSI Kombustor 2.5.9 (32-bit):

AMD Radeon owners: MSI Kombustor requires the PhysX support for some tests. If PhysX runtimes are not present on your system, Kombustor will not start properly. You can download latest PhysX runtimes from THIS PAGE.

MSI Kombustor 3.x.x (64-bit) is the new active branch of Kombustor. Branch 2.5.x (32-bit) is now in mainteance only mode.

2 – MSI Kombustor Release Highlights

A new version of MSI Kombustor is ready. MSI Kombustor 3.5.0 adds two news computing tests, one based on OpenCL and the second one based on OpenGL 4.3 compute shaders. According to this article, the new GeForce GTX 980 seems to be a GPU computing killer and I hope both news benchmarks have enough compute load for it… Comparative tables are available at the end of this post.

The first computing test performs a particle simulation (one million particles) with OpenGL 4.3 compute shaders.

MSI Kombustor - OpenGL 4.3 compute shaders test - Particle simulation
Particle simulation with compute shaders

The second computing test draws a Julia4D fractal with OpenCL. This is a multi-GPU test: the demo will try to use all available GPUs even if they are not the same. In the following screenshot, two GPUs are used: a GeForce GTX 660 and a GeForce GT 520. Of course, best results are achieved with identical GPUs.

MSI Kombustor - OpenCL computing test - Julia4D
OpenGL multi-GPU test

OpenCL logo

If you are bored with the furry donut, I added a new furry test based on a PQ Torus Knot:

MSI Kombustor - Fur rendering test with a PQTorus

With MSI Kombustor 3.5.0, you can submit some scores (Preset:1080 or Preset:720 and [B] tests) to MSI Kombustor Scores Database:

MSI Kombustor - main user interface

3 – MSI Kombustor changelog

2014.11.10 - v3.5.1.0
- fixed a crash with Radeon R9 in the GPU monitoring plugin.
- updated GPU Shark
- updated 3D framework

2014.09.24 - v3.5.0.4
- added support of desktop GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980.
- updated GPU Shark
- updated 3D framework

2014.09.17 - v3.5.0.2
- fixed GPU detection on notebooks with NVIDIA GPU and Intel GPU 
  (tested on ASUS N550J with NVIDIA GTX 850M + Intel HD 4600).
- moved PhysX 3 DLLs from plugins/ folder to Kombustor root folder.
- now, all 3D tests are benchmarkable but only tests with [B] have online scores.
- disabled online score submissions for PhysX benchmarks.
- updated score submission module.
- updated GPU Shark

2014.08.27 - v3.5.0.0
- added new demo/benchmark: Plasma (OpenGL 4.3 + compute shaders + ssbo).
- added new furry stress test with pq torus.
- added new experimental demo: fur rendering with bindless textures (OpenGL 4.4).
- added support of desktop GeForce GTX Titan Z, GT 730, GT 720.
- added support of notebook GeForce GT 700M series, GTX 700M series, 800M series
  and GTX 800M series.
- updated 3D framework
- updated GPU Shark 0.9.0

2014.05.28 - v3.4.0.2
- update score submission module.
- updated 3D framework

2014.05.03 - v3.4.0.0
- added support of latest GeForce cards (GTX Titan Black, GTX 750, GTX 750 Ti).
- benchmark scores can now be submitted to an online GPU database. 
- added new multi-GPU test: OpenCL Julia4D. 
- added a section with experimental demos (no benchmark, demo mode only).
- many bugfixes.
- updated 3D framework
- updated GPU Shark 0.8.1
- default resolution is 1280x720

MSI Kombustor

MSI Kombustor

MSI Kombustor

MSI Kombustor

MSI Kombustor

4 – MSI Kombustor v3.5.0.x Scores

Here are some average scores with various 3D tests of Kombustor 3.5.0. More scores and ranking tables can be found in the online GPU database HERE.

4.1 – Preset:1080 – Plasma

16259 points (270 FPS) – NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan
15023 points (250 FPS) – EVGA GeForce GTX 780
11820 points (197 FPS) – MSI Radeon HD 7970
8027 points (133 FPS) – MSI GTX 660 Hawk
7440 points (124 FPS) – ASUS GeForce GTX 750
4104 points (68 FPS) – ASUS Radeon HD 7770
2015 points (33 FPS) – SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6970

4.2 – Preset:1080 – OpenCL Julia4D (GPU)

6221 points (103 FPS) – NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan
5256 points (87 FPS) – EVGA GeForce GTX 780
2851 points (47 FPS) – MSI Radeon HD 7970
1818 points (30 FPS) – ASUS GeForce GTX 750
1603 points (26 FPS) – ASUS Radeon HD 7770
902 points (15 FPS) – SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6970

4.3 – Preset:1080 – Lakes of Titan X32

9480 points (158 FPS) – EVGA GeForce GTX 780
4957 points (82 FPS) – MSI GTX 660 Hawk
4634 points (77 FPS) – MSI Radeon HD 7970
3211 points (53 FPS) – ASUS GeForce GTX 750
2531 points (42 FPS) – ASUS Radeon HD 7770
2271 points (37 FPS) – SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6970

MSI Kombustor

38 thoughts on “MSI Kombustor 3.5.0 released, New GPU Computing Tests Added (Updated: v3.5.1.0 + v2.5.9)”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    looks nice! thanks for the hard work!

    heres some results from my GTX470 + 9400GT, i5-750,8gb ddr3-1600..all at stock speeds..

    Plasma 1080p: 6298 (fps:104)
    Julia 1080p: 337 (fps:5)
    Lakes of Titan X32 1080p: 3389 (FPS:56)

    the GTX470 still does the job for me!

    I guess Julia4D is so low due to using the 9400GT..which is currently in a hacked pci-x 1x it has no bandwidth at all!

    1. Tony

      I know this post is a year old! But are you using your old 9400 GT for Physx? And if you are does it do any good? Because I have a old 9800 GTX+ collecting dust. I wonder if it would help with physx with my GTX 970.

  2. WacKEDmaN

    small bug in the top-20 scores says
    “Preset: 1280 x 720 (fullscreen=1, msaa=4)”

    but the Preset has AA no submissions show

  3. OfficialG3

    wont run at all on my setup , it stopped responding .. fix please

  4. JeGX Post Author

    @squall0833: I just tested (HD 5870 + Cat 14.9) and there’s an issue with the PhysX3 plugin. Rename the plugins/plugin_gxl3d_physx3_x64.dll in order that Kombustor won’t load it and restart Kombustor (of course PhysX demos won’t work). Weird, because it works with a Radeon R9 290x…

  5. jackalclone1

    Can confirm myself that it’s the application is not launching at all with 4x 290x in CrossFireX.

  6. JeGX Post Author

    @jackalclone1: could you delete or rename the PhysX 3 plugin (plugins/plugin_gxl3d_physx3_x64.dll)? Do you use the latest version

  7. jackalclone1

    @JeGX: thanks much for the reply. The rename of the physx plugin did the trick! I am experiencing some odd flicking in some of the benches (taurus, plasma), and a strangely low score in Plasma particle bench, but these issues may be related to driver/crossfirex compatability, still investigating. But, the important thing is it launches now, thanks much!

  8. Donald

    Hi, after installing the latest kombustor, it reffused to start. Log is inclosed, hope you can fix it or help me. Thanks, the program is really great when it works.

    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000001) Kombustor v3.5.1.0 (Nov 10 2014@21:22:54)
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000002) MSI Graphics Cards Burn-in and Benchmarking Utility
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000003) (C)2010-2014 MSI Co., LTD
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000004) Kombustor is starting up…
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000005) platform: Windows 64-bit
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000006) OpenCL support not found: unable to load the OpenCL core library (OpenCL.dll).
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000007) PhysX3: NVIDIA PhysX3 plugin for gxl3d.. By JeGX /
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000008) GpuMonitor: GPU monitor plugin for gxl3d.. By JeGX /
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000009) [GpuMonitor] Operating system detected: Windows 8.1 64-bit build 9600
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000010) [GpuMonitor] Num GPUs found: 1
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000011) [GpuMonitor] GPU0 – GeForce GTX 980
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000012) [GpuMonitor] GPU0 – PCI codes: 0x10DE-0x13C0
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000013) [GpuMonitor] GPU0 – BIOS: 84.04.1f.00.f6
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000014) [GpuMonitor] GPU0 – core temperature: 39 degC
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000015) DemoLib: DemoLib plugin. By JeGX /
    2014/11/18@15:50:33(0000000016) [PhysX3] PhysX SDK v3.3.2

  9. JeGX Post Author

    @Donald: obviously there is a problem with this PhysX 3 plugin. What is weird is that you have a GTX 980. I never encountered issues with a NVIDIA + PhysX plugin. Try to do a clean install (there is an option for that in the driver installer) of the latest NVIDIA R344.75. If you still have problems, delete the PhysX 3 plugin (plugins/plugin_gxl3d_physx3_x64.dll). Let me know.

  10. Andrey

    Thanks! However 3.5.1 does not start on my rig. AMD 7870, Win 8.1 x64. Please take a look, thanks again!

  11. Van Helsing

    v3.5.1.0 doesn’t start in Windows 8.1 64-bit, CPU Interl Core I7-3770k

  12. PaleRider

    I can’t get it to run.
    I’m using an ASUS ARES 3, MSI Z97 XPOWER AC mobo, and Windows 7 x64.
    The log says that it’s running, but there’s no graphics showing.
    Help, please.

  13. GFX

    Cutting & pasting physx runtimes to another folder solved my issue, but physx benchmarks no longer works by following this method.
    I don’t use physx.

  14. Helios

    Not starting on my system and several other ones.

    Windows 8.1 Update (x64) – ThinkPad W520, Prozessor: Intel i7-2860QM, NVidia Quadro 2000M (2GB RAM), 32GB RAM

  15. Tesselator

    For those whom this app refuses to start, I may have found a solution – at least for NVidia users anyway.

    1) Install “MSI Kombustor” (as of this writing v3.5.1.0)
    2) Uninstall “GeForce Experience” completely.
    3) Download the newest GeForce driver for your card. (For me that was v347.25).
    4) Install the driver as usual making sure to click the “Clean Installation”. (include all available components for install).
    5) Restart your machine and it should work fine.

    This worked for me at least. If this doesn’t do the trick for you perhaps some variant of the process will.

    If you’re in the need to benchmark your GPU and/or CPU then Konbuster is well worth the effort to get working. The variety of tests in a single package like this brings it very close to producing real-world relevant results.

    And it’s sooo pretty to watch. 🙂

  16. damric

    Is there going to be a new version that works without having to jump through hoops?

  17. nv40

    i installed 32bit version the latest 2.5.9 since i have XP, and havent found kombustorDX9/ although file kombustorDX11 did not start. Any know where to get 32bit DX9 version? / fix this?

  18. Dom

    Renaming the plugin_gxl3d_physx3_x64.dll did the trick for me. (R9 290 x2)

  19. Mark

    I’m having the same problem, log file is as posted by Donald. My setup is i7 with HD 7950, current AMD drivers. I installed the phyX runtime per JeGX no difference. Interestingly the 32-bit version of Kombustor works just fine.

    1. r4z0rgr1nd3r

      Works fine for me… Maybe it is just the same as with Project Cars… Maybe AMD/ATI setups are just rubbish. i7 black edition with GTX980s in SLI with 4xSSDs running intel Super Raid 3 and cooler boost 3 fans. 🙂

      I suggest if you want a decent card with lots of headroom for using afterburner then go for NVidia. If you are cheap and want to pay 80% of the price for a similar card that has very little room. All I will say is that someone with the equivalent ASRock cheapo cards gets a lot less on firestrike. Ahaha.

      Anyone with a brain can look up benchmarking and see that NVidia own. hell dual SLI seems to beat Crossfire with ease… even when 2 v 4.

      And don’t bring up price. These are PCs not bags of sugar. A man driving a Renault Clio can rave about price all he likes but they guy in the P1 will still speed away from you. Yes I paid more. I also don’t have any problems. like with Project Cars or Witcher 3… Sure if you cant afford NVidia then you shouldn’t buy it… but don’t bitch about games that optimise for the more powerful cards. Also don’t give people that buy NVidia crap. When I first announced to friends I had MSI GTX980s the AMD/ATI/Cheapo section of the group did their usual regurgitation of vitriol. So let me end this… The whole top of firestrike is NVidia. Why? NVidia create… AMD just try and catch up. NVidia are better and have been for so long now it is untrue. Only idiots buy AMD/ATI… Catalyst… mmm… Or people that don’t want to spend a lot of money. But no petrol head considers a Skoda a sought after car… so if you love PCs and gaming why would you settle for the cheaper option?

      Sorry for the essay – I just find cheapo geeks funny. They tell you compromise is best… when it isn’t. I am just lucky enough to work in the industry and thus have the money to be able to have a desktop and a gt80. I get some cannot afford… fine… then don’t call me stupid for owning NVidia and only NVidia… as most of you wont even remember voodoo cards or know what SCSI is.

  20. Andreas

    Can confirm problem – Crossfire 2 x R9 290X.

    Application wont start at all. Nothing.

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