ASUS N550JK Notebook PC Review (with GeForce GTX 850M)

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8 – Battery Test

ASUS N550JK Notebook PC Review

For this test, I coded a simple html page to simulate Net browsing. This web page displays some large images and youtube videos and is automatically refreshed every 10 seconds. I also launched GPU Shark to monitor the GTX 850M as well as XMPlay to listen to a web radio.

Test results:
– start: 97% @ 13h40
– end: 6% @ 16h10

In this gentle use, the lifetime of this 120W battery is around 2 hours and 30 minutes. At 6%, the system is automatically put in hibernation mode.

Battery charging time: it took around 2 hours and 15 minutes to charge up the battery from 6% to 97%.

ASUS N550JK Notebook PC Review

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3 thoughts on “ASUS N550JK Notebook PC Review (with GeForce GTX 850M)”

  1. Aleksandar

    I got that laptop a month ago and it is really great choice for the money it costs. To be more precise, I’ve got N550JK-CN019D. This particular model has 1T HDD with 7200 RPM, GTX850M with 2GB DDR3 and super-multi DVD (classical DVD RW, not a Blue-ray reader). I agree that DDR5 would be appreciated for the graphics card (this is not a gaming laptop). Also, the multi-touch pad don’t reacts on each tap, but maybe it can be fixed by some driver/patch. All in all, a very nice and cool (literally meaning – cold as metal) laptop. 🙂

  2. Daryl

    I had mine for four months then finally when wow released there new warlords of drainor my NVidia GEFORCE GTX 850 M WASNT WORTH A CRAP

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