GIGABYTE BRIX GTX 760 Compact Gaming PC Kit Review (GB-BXi5G-760)

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7 – Conclusion

I like the BRIX. Or at least, I like its principle: a tiny gaming PC with much power. I installed several OSes without problem: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and even Linux Mint 17. The SDD space and amount of system memory are not limited since you can customize them (with a max amount of 16GB of CPU memory). Two HDMI and one DisplayPort connectors allow to drive up to 3 monitors and the GTX 760 with 6GB of GDDR5 (why so much VRAM???) is very cool.

But the choice of a Kepler-based GPU is not the best choice for this kind of PC. A Maxwell-based GPU would have been probably a better idea. Or maybe a case with more room (and then with larger and less noisy fan) would have solved some of the overheating problems. If the fan noise was the only problem, it could be tolerable. But cooling noise combined to agressive GPU throttling (which results to lower performances, this boosted GTX 760 should be faster than a GTX 750) are the main issues of the BRIX GTX 760. If GIGABYTE manages to solve both issues (that are actually closely linked), the next generation of BRIX gaming PC can be a winner in the land of portable LAN gaming rigs.

GIGABYTE BRIX GTX 760 Compact Gaming PC Kit

The BRIX GTX 760 running GLSL Hacker deferred rendering test demo

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4 thoughts on “GIGABYTE BRIX GTX 760 Compact Gaming PC Kit Review (GB-BXi5G-760)”

  1. John Smith

    1344 CUDA cores, 112 TMUs and 24 ROPs it’s desktop 660Ti actually

  2. nuninho1980

    6GB VRAM is excellent :O 🙂 but Brix GTX 760 is crap for gaming because it’s much slower than GTX 760 reference. :S lool

  3. Hippo

    Do you think running the Brix without it’s case on would help the overheating? (when i say case i mean like leaving off the side panel with the ethernet port/HDMI/USB but keeping the top on)

  4. KloMeister

    Nice idea with that Box, but the components aren’t efficient enough for that small box. Its nice to have High-End-Components in such a small case, but if you can’t use it under full utilization, this is senseless.

    Zotac do that better with his ZBox EN760. Yes its not as fast as this box (before the Brix-Box throtteling the GPU), but its quiet, it doesn’t overheat and it doesn’t need to throttle the GPU under long time utilization.

    Perhaps Gigabyte develop a new Box and solving that problems, than its a real nice small PC

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