NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 Launched

NVIDIA GeForce GT 740
NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 reference board

Yesterday, NVIDIA launched its ultra high end gaming card, the GTX TITAN Z, and today, NVIDIA introduces another Kepler-based card but in an entry level product (sub $100 market): the GeForce GT 740. This GT 740 is available in two versions: one with DDR3 memory and the other one with GDDR5 memory.

GeForce GT 740 specifications

  • GPU: Kepler GK107 @ 993MHz base clock
  • CUDA cores: 384 (2 SMX)
  • Texture units: 32
  • ROPs: 16
  • Memory: 1GB GDDR5 @ 5000MHz OR 2GB DDR3 @ 1800MHz – 128-bit memory bus width
  • TDP: 64W

EVGA GeForce GT 740

5 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 Launched”

  1. John Smith

    I don’t understand for what if there is Maxwell 750 already, more powerful less power consumption.

  2. BlackX

    30 of this are more Powerful then the Titan Z but cost only 2400 money !!!!!!!!11111

  3. Stefan

    Must be for some very low-end rigs.

    For reference: german discounter ALDI sells the cheapest Medion OEM PC for 399 Euro, which includes a GTX 745 Maxwell.

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