NVIDIA R337.81 Beta Graphics Drivers for Windows

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A new set of gaming graphics drivers in beta phase is available for all GeForce graphics cards.

You can download R337.81 here:

Desktop Downloads

Notebook Downloads

NVIDIA R337.81 + GPU Caps Viewer + GTX 750

R337.50 is an OpenGL 4.4 driver and exposes 325 OpenGL extensions (GL=298 and WGL=27) for a GTX 750 under Win8 64-bit. The complete list of all 325 OpenGL extensions is available HERE.

3 thoughts on “NVIDIA R337.81 Beta Graphics Drivers for Windows”

  1. John Smith

    I don’t see the new driver on the official site and Experience says I have the latest driver 337.50

  2. komar

    it’s normal, official site and GFE are not up to date …

    go to GURU3D.COM !

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