GIGABYTE WindForce and WaterForce VGA Coolers

Gigabyte WaterForce GPU liquid cooler

GIGABYTE has unveiled new versions of the WaterForce and WindForce graphics card coolers.

The WaterForce is an enormous liquid cooler designed to chill a 3-way SLI setup. The cooling core is so enormous that there’s no enough room inside a case. The WaterForce finds its place on the top of the PC case (the WaterForce is cooling three GeForce GTX 780 Ti).

The 3-way SLI setup is stressed by one of the latest versions of FurMark as we can see it on the following image:

Gigabyte WaterForce GPU cooler - stressed by FurMark

The WindForce (600W and 450W) is a big three-fan air-cooler:

Gigabyte WindForce GPU cooler

With the WindForce 600W, the GPU temperature of a GeForce GTX Titan Black does not exceed 70°C under FurMark while with the reference cooler, the GPU temp climbs over 80°C.

Gigabyte WindForce GPU cooler - FurMark test


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