DirectX 12 is Coming…

DirectX 12

…and will be unveiled at GDC 2014, on March 20 2014. According to some sources, Direct3D 12 (as well as OpenGL) would have closer-to-metal API and would be a response to AMD Mantle.

Do you remember this article, one year ago: AMD: There Won’t be DirectX 12!

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12 thoughts on “DirectX 12 is Coming…”

  1. Mark D>

    I find it interesting that Qualcomm is pictured in this teaser for directx. Probably for Windows phone. Also notice AMD is pictured, so maybe DX12 has taken some design from Mantle?

  2. Leith

    I think AMD will be pleased that their efforts are paying off.

    The main reason for Mantle was to provide pressure for DX and GL to evolve into a more efficient API that developers were demanding.

    Now developers will be able to get what they have wanted for a long time in a cross-vendor API.

  3. Nathan

    I bet is has been optimized for drawing huge flat-colored rectangles, because that’s what modern user interfaces are!

    Just kidding 🙂

  4. Promilus

    @news – it doesn’t change a bit. DX upperhanded OGL between DX7 and DX8 with clear win on DX9 but much changed since that. We do have now OpenGL 4.x in which AMD introduced multi bind and sparse textures, nvidia long time ago introduced bindless. Most vendor extensions are way ahead of DX now and with Mantle AMD created some (atm very closed closed) development environment which targets slower machines and multi-gpu (very powerful) machines with really nice results (for a “beta” functionality which is still quite flawed). From what I am told DX12 will most probably focus on multi-bind and similar solutions but there are rumors about bindless. With bindless it may prevail, with multi bind it is too late – plus no one really want to change OS every 3 years or so just to keep up with MS DX. As we all know each new windows gets lesser and lesser user base so developers just have to use older renderers to target most gamers. With mantle or opengl there’s no such problem.

  5. przemo_li

    Have not found ANY worthy source of speculation on the whole web.

    Everybody repeat MS PR statement like some enlightened mantra…

    Any links to actual info???

  6. DX12

    “NVIDIA will support DX12 on Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell and forward!”

    “Developers already have DX12 drivers. The Forza demo was running on NVIDIA!!!”

    Nvidia, more forward compatible than you thought.

  7. DX12

    “NVIDIA will support the DX12 API on all the DX11-class GPUs it has shipped; these belong to the Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell architectural families. With more than 50% market share (65% for discrete graphics) among DX11-based gaming systems, NVIDIA alone will provide game developers the majority of the potential installed base.”

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