AMD TressFX11 v2.0 Demo (Direct3D 11, Sources + Binaries)

AMD TressFX11 v2.0 Demo
TressFX deo running on a Radeon HD 8570M

AMD has updated its TressFX code sample.

The TressFX11 sample shows how to use AMD’s TressFX hair rendering technology for rendering and simulating hair. TressFX uses volumetric self shadowing, transparency, and antialiasing to render individual strands of realistic looking hair. It also uses the GPU to accelerate the physics simulation of each hair.

Version 2 changes: rendering is now deferred, much improved performance, numerous bug fixes, better self-shadowing, scalability options, modular code, porting guide document included.

More details on the demo cam be found here.

You can download the TressFX11 v2 demo HERE.

Source: Geeks3D forum

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