NVIDIA FLEX Unified GPU Physics Video

Announced few weeks ago, FLEX is a GPU accelerated physics solver from NVIDIA that supports:

– Rigid bodies
– Granular materials
– Environmental cloth
– Position based fluids
– Two-way interactions

FLEX will be integrated in PhysX 3.4 SDK and will available very shortly as a standalone SDK. FLEX can be used with current PhysX SDK but does not require it. Currently FLEX is only GPU accelerated and a CPU version is planned later.

Perfect addition to GLSL Hacker 😉


2 thoughts on “NVIDIA FLEX Unified GPU Physics Video”

  1. roboman2444

    Will it be cross platform, and work on AMD cards as well?
    If not, then it sucks. Bullet can already do most of that. Only thing new and really cool looking are the fluid-cloth interactions.

  2. Wolfie

    I really enjoyed watching that, it brought out the child in me.

    Nevertheless, its not cross-platform so its a chocolate teapot then. Shame.

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