Deferred Shading in OpenGL + OpenGL SuperBible 6th Ed. Code Sample Pack with Binaries

OpenGL SuperBible 6 demo
The deferred shading demo at 50FPS on a GTX 660

The code sample pack of the OpenGL SuperBible 6th edition has been updated few days ago.

I compiled all code samples for Windows and put all binaries and media together so you can now easily and quickly test a demo. All binaries are available in the bin/ folder of the zip archive. You can download this improved pack right here:

OpenGL SuperBible 6th Code Sample Pack + Binaries DOWNLOAD

Here is the deferred shading demo from this code sample pack:

This is a simple example of deferred shading implemented using OpenGL. The demo shows 100 ladybugs lit by 500 point lights and runs at 60Hz on AMD Radeon HD 7970. The application uses a brute force approach and lights every pixel with every light. Using light culling and a tiled approach, much higher performance could be achieved.

The code sample pack includes also other interesting demos like DoF (depth of field), SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion) and more…

OpenGL SuperBible 6 demo

OpenGL SuperBible 6 demo