NVIDIA Quadro K6000, First Graphics Card with Full GK110 Enabled

NVIDIA Quadro K6000

NVIDIA has announced at the SIGGRAPH 2013 the most powerful Kepler-based graphics card, the Quadro K6000. The K6000 is based on a fully enabled GK110 GPU with 2880 CUDA cores (15 SMX) and no less than 12GB of GDDR5 graphics memory will be available on the board. The K6000 has a TDP of 225W only, lower than the GTX Titan one. This is likely due to a finest silicon die and other optimizations made for the Quadro board. The Quadro K6000 mixes the best of computing cards (Tesla Series) and gaming cards (GeForce Series).

The computing performance of the K6000 is 5.2TFLOPS for single precision (FP32) and 1.7TFLOPS for double precision (FP64).

  Quadro K6000 GeForce GTX Titan
GPU GK110 GK110
CUDA cores 2880 2688
TMUs 256 224
ROPs 48 48
Memory size 12GB 6GB
Memory interface 384-bit 384-bit
TDP 225W 250W
FP32 performance 5.2TFLOPS 4.5TFLOPS
FP64 performance 1.7TLOPS 1.5TFLOPS

The complete list of workstation graphics cards is available HERE. More information on NVIDIA Quadro cards can be found HERE.

The following picture found on NVIDIA’s website is probably short on additional power connectors because a TDP of 225W requires at least one 8-pin + one 6-pin connectors…

NVIDIA Quadro K6000

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