ASUS GeForce GTX 770 DirectCU II OC 2GB Review

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4 – ASUS GTX 770 DC2 OC Burn-in Test

Burn-in test with FurMark

At idle, the total power consumption of the testbed is 50W and the GTX 770 shows a GPU temperature of 27°C.

– burn-in test: FurMark
– GTX 770 tuning: ASUS GPU Tweak


Test 1: default settings
– power target: 100%
– temperature target: 79°C
– VDDC: 1200mV
– FurMark: 1024×768 windowed
– testbed total power consumption: 287W
– GPU temperature: 75°C
Result: TEST OK

Test 2: GPU Boost settings to the max
– power target: 110%
– temperature target: 94°C
– VDDC: 1212mV
– FurMark: 1024×768 windowed
– testbed total power consumption: 316W
– GPU temperature: 86°C

After few minutes, the GTX 770 crashed in the test 2. I tested several settings but nothin to do, the GTX 770 still crashed. Maybe this is due to this particular sample, or to the VGA cooler that has been removed and badly remounted after (during other reviews). Anyway, this particular sample did not pass the burn-in test.

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