NVIDIA R326.19 Beta for Windows, One New OpenGL Extension

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NVIDIA has released a new graphics driver of the R325 family (versions 325.xx to 327.xx). R326.19 adds performance boost and new SLI profiles (Spinter Cell: Blacklist, Batman: Arkham Origins). For OpenGL developers, a new extension has been added (see here under).

R326.19 Desktop Downloads

R326.19 Noteboook Downloads

GeForce GTX 770, R326.19 + GPU Caps Viewer

R326.19 is an OpenGL 4.3 driver and exposes 301 OpenGL extensions for a GeForce GTX 680 / GTX 770 under Win8 64-bit. Compared to R320.49, one new extension has been added. This extension is related to NVIDIA bindless textures:

  • GL_NV_bindless_multi_draw_indirect