Building Worlds With Distance Functions in GLSL (Raymarching)

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7 – Raymarching: Floor + Rounded Box minus Sphere

Build Worlds With Distance Functions in GLSL, GLSL Hacker
Raymarching: floor + rounded box minus sphere

The function to substract two primitives:

vec2 op_sub(vec2 a, vec2 b)
  float d = max(a.x, -b.x);
  return vec2(d,1);

And the distance_to_obj() function:

vec2 distance_to_obj(in vec3 p)
  return obj_union(obj_floor(p), op_sub(obj_round_box(p), obj_sphere(p)));

Article index:

4 thoughts on “Building Worlds With Distance Functions in GLSL (Raymarching)”

  1. GLSLnoob42

    Hey. Just found this. Came across iq’s stuff a while ago, but being a noob I couldn’t do anything with it.

    Then while rediscovering GLSL & iq’s website, I found this awesome resource!

    But here’s the thing, I can’t get it to work. ;o)

    I eventually found 2 errors in the code. Here are the fixes:
    line 97: d.x-distance_to_obj(p-e.yyx).x); // had an extra “)”
    line 98: N = normalize(n); // was missing “;”

    I’m trying to use GLSL Hacker & Blender 2.69 using this tutorial:

    Any help?

    peace & 42

  2. toba

    I too found the errors but cant get any of this to work. There are too few good examples online, it would be nice to get one working

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