GpuTest Added to Phoronix Test Suite

GpuTest added in Phoronix Test Suite

Micheal Larabel just informed me that he added the latest iteration of GpuTest to Phoronix Test Suite and

The introduction of GPUTest to Phoronix Test Suite / users is a nice complement to the dozens of other graphics/OpenGL test profiles already available via our industry-leading benchmarking framework. For those Linux users curious, however, the Mesa/Gallium3D drivers don’t work with GPUTest 0.4.0 but in fact in my testing were quick to just throw GLX errors.

As with all of 326+ other test profiles, the GpuTest test profile is 100% automated, controlled, and fully-reproducible by the Phoronix Test Suite benchmarking software. For those unfamiliar with the test profile writing process, check out the test profile contents if you are curious about the integration bits.

More information here: A New Set Of OpenGL Benchmarks Come To OpenBenchmarking

The first benchmark results under Linux Ubuntu 13.04 are available here: GPUTest Initial Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks.

I will look at Gallium3D errors asap.