AMD Radeon HD 9970 (Volcanic Islands) GPU Details Emerge

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The next generation of AMD Radeon GPU (HD 8000 or Sea Islands) is not yet released and leaks about its successor, the Volcanic Islands GPUs is popping up. Here are some details about the possible specifications of the Radeon HD 9970: the GPU will use a 20nm process (Gate-Last process from TSMC), will pack 4096 stream processors, 256 texture units, 64 ROPs and will have a 512-bit width memory interface.

And according to the source, the HD 9970 could be launched before the end of 2013. Maybe we won’t see real Radeon HD 8900 at all and AMD will jump directly to HD 9900…

AMD Radeon HD 9970 Volcanic Islands GPU architecture

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2 thoughts on “AMD Radeon HD 9970 (Volcanic Islands) GPU Details Emerge”

  1. t_

    nope, will not be TSMC because they said 2 days ago 20 nm in 2014.

    It will be Globalfoundries planar.

  2. Leith Bade

    Looks more like a CPU/APU than a GPU with those serial modules.

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