(GDC 2013) Unreal Engine 4 Infiltrator Tech-Demo Video

Tech-demo of the Unreal Engine 4 shown at the Game Developers Conference 2013.

9 thoughts on “(GDC 2013) Unreal Engine 4 Infiltrator Tech-Demo Video”

  1. Psolord

    Woohoo! This is great!

    They should be releasing the executables though, instead of the video.

  2. Nathan

    That’s an incredible amount of detail. I wonder how long it took them to create this?

  3. Ghost

    From a CVG article:
    “Although no specifics were offered, it what suggested the tech demo was built by a small team in just a few months.”

  4. komar

    Realtime ‘precomputed’ scene

    waiting for executables although …

    je ne crois que ce que je vois !

  5. TwoWolves


    However I note that the engine is not as slick as the Cryengine when it comes to biological environments.

    It is hard to be all things to all men.

    Nevertheless. Good work.

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