C++11 Compiler Support: VS2012 vs GCC vs Clang

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For C++ addicts, here is a comparison of the C++11 support between GCC, Visual Studio 2012, Clang (Apple’s compiler that works with LLVM) and Intel C++ compiler. According to the following comparative table, GCC has the best C++11 support. Other compilers are improving the support:

Who knows, by next year all four compilers might support all the C++11 features!

More information can be found in the source HERE.

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6 thoughts on “C++11 Compiler Support: VS2012 vs GCC vs Clang”

  1. Mars_999

    Nice write up! Very helpful!

    Go gcc 🙂 Wish I could get a decent IDE for it like VS is…

  2. Michal

    Who needs C++11 crap? Complexity monster… Sorry I could not resist 🙂

  3. raxman

    What about Visual Studio Express? It’s free and it now supports 64bit and OpenMP. Clang does not support OpenMP.
    Also what does alignment mean?

  4. DrBalthar

    Express supports OpenMP now? *WOW* damn! I paid good money just to get OpenMP support on previous versions.

  5. sfsdf

    Technology progresses agressively.

    Go GCC, two to go and GCC has full C++11 support

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