GpuTest 0.2.0: Cross Platform OpenGL Benchmark, FurMark Lands on Linux and OS X

GpuTest 0.2.0: Cross Platform GPU Benchmark

1 – GpuTest Overview

GpuTest 0.2.0 is the first public version of a new cross-platform GPU stress test and benchmarking utility. GpuTest is based on OpenGL and is available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Linux and OS X. The current version is available in 64-bit only and I don’t know if a 32-bit version will see the light of day…

This first version of GpuTest comes with 3 tests (other tests will be added in next versions):

  • a stress test based on FurMark (OpenGL 2.1 or 3.2):

    GpuTest, FurMark test

  • a tessellation test based on TessMark (OpenGL 4.0). The graphic load is equivalent to the extreme tessellation level (X32) of TessMark.

    GpuTest, TessMark test

  • GiMark: a geometry instancing test (OpenGL 3.3). By default, GiMark renders 100’000 instances of a mesh sphere made up of 128 triangles.

    GpuTest, GiMark test

All tests can be launched on Windows and Linux. Regarding Linux, I developed and tested GpuTest under Linux Mint 13 64-bit. I didn’t tested it with other distributions.

GpuTest, Linux version
GpuTest – All tests under Linux Mint 13

On OS X, only two tests are available: FurMark and GiMark. The test based on TessMark requires an OpenGL 4.0 and OSX 10.8 supports only OpenGL 3.2. But GiMark is an OpenGL 3.3 test, so why can we launch it on OSX? Actually OSX 10.8 supports a subset of OpenGL 3.3 features and geometry instancing is among these features. More information here: Overview of OpenGL Support on OS X.

GpuTest, OSX version
GpuTest – All tests under OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion on a MacBook Pro (15-inch Retina display)

On Windows and OSX, GpuTest comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) to launch the different tests. On Linux, a set of scripts is provided to launch the tests.

GpuTest GUI under OSX
The GUI under OSX 10.8

2 – GpuTest 0.2.0 Downloads

The latest version of GpuTest can be downloaded from this page: GpuTest Downloads

GPU Test for Windows [download#307#image]

GpuTest 0.2.0 for Windows 64-bit (XP, Vista, 7 and 8)

GPU Test for Linux [download#308#image]

GpuTest 0.2.0 for Linux 64-bit

GPU Test for OS X [download#309#image]

GpuTest 0.2.0 for OS X 10.7 and 10.8

3 – GpuTest 0.2.0 Scores

Here is an overview of some scores with the first version of GpuTest. A tested with an Intel Core i5 @ 3.1GHz has been used for Windows and Linux scores. For OSX scores, a MacBook Pro with Retina display (15-inch) has been used.

FurMark scores, 1920×1080, fullscreen, no antialiasing

5250 points (87FPS) – MSI Radeon HD 7970, Win7 64-bit, Cat12.10 whql
3305 points (55FPS) – GTX 680, Linux Mint 13 64-bit, R304.64
3100 points (51FPS) – EVGA GTX 680, Win7 64-bit, R306.97
2736 points (45FPS) – Sapphire HD 5850, Linux Mint 13, FRGLX (8.982)
2622 points (43FPS) – MSI GTX 660 Hawk, Linux Mint 13 64-bit, R304.64
820 points (13FPS) – GeForce GT 650M, OSX 10.8, MacBook Pro 15-inch, Retina display
728 points (12FPS) – Sapphire HD 5850, Linux Mint 13, Gallium3D 0.4 AMD Cypress
326 points (5FPS) – Intel Graphics HD 4000, OSX 10.8, MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina

TessMark scores, 1920×1080, fullscreen, no antialiasing

25947 points (432FPS) – EVGA GTX 680, Win7 64-bit, R306.97 whql
23839 points (397FPS) – GTX 680, Linux Mint 13 64-bit, R304.64
17908 points (298FPS) – MSI GTX 660 Hawk, Linux Mint 13 64-bit, R304.64
4646 points (77FPS) – MSI Radeon HD 7970, Win7 64-bit, Cat12.10 whql
2404 points (40FPS) – Sapphire HD 5850, Linux Mint 13, FRGLX (8.982)

GiMark scores, 1920×1080, fullscreen, no antialiasing

5864 points (97FPS) – MSI Radeon HD 7970, Win7 64-bit, Cat12.10 whql
5596 points (93FPS) – GTX 680, Linux Mint 13 64-bit, R304.64
5227 points (87FPS) – EVGA GTX 680, Win7 64-bit, R306.97 whql
4233 points (70FPS) – MSI GTX 660 Hawk, Linux Mint 13 64-bit, R304.64
3035 points (50FPS) – Sapphire HD 5850, Linux Mint 13, Gallium3D 0.4 AMD Cypress
1264 points (21FPS) – GeForce GT 650M, OSX 10.8, MacBook Pro 15-inch, Retina display
452 points (7FPS) – Intel Graphics HD 4000, OSX 10.8, MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina

37 thoughts on “GpuTest 0.2.0: Cross Platform OpenGL Benchmark, FurMark Lands on Linux and OS X”

  1. Tapio

    Nice. Would have been nice to compare scores between Windows and Linux with the same hardware and driver versions though.

  2. MaNiAc

    Agreed. I was curious to see the comparison of same hw, same test but different OSes and felt a bit disappointed that there was none included.

    Cheers on multiplatform support anyway!

  3. mg

    +1 – and why run the rmbp on the intel-card when it has an nv650m as well?

  4. Chevydevil

    GiMark 1920×1080 no anti antialiasing
    Radeon 7870 6039 Points

    Yeah! 🙂

  5. Studus

    wow what’s wrong with the Mac scores? are the drivers not performant or the 650 card not that good?

  6. Stefan

    AMD APU 6320, Win7 64-bit, Cat12.10 EDG
    Fur 54 points/0 fps
    Tess 226 points/3 fps
    GI 158 points/2 fps

  7. nou

    Use tar.gz archive for Linux version it is standard on Linux system. It preserve execution permission flag so you don’t need use chmod. And use .bin extension for names of executable.

  8. Macmaol

    Nothing is wrong with the Macbook Pro Retina !

    It’s just that each pixel is 4 pixels of a normal screen. Its display is 2880 x 1800, everything is magnified on this screen !

    I tried each test with a 960×540 resolution, witch is 1980×1080 pixels on the screen… here are the results :

    – 960×540 windowed (because fullscreen runs it in 2880×1800)
    – antialiasing: Off

    Module: FurMark
    Score: 2771 points (FPS: 46)

    Hey, it’s better than Sapphire HD 5850 and MSI GTX 660 Hawk !

    Please note that the “M” in 650M stands for “mobile” : it’s a low-energy graphic chip, witch runs on a laptop witch can last for 7 hours on battery. Congrats Apple & Nvidia !

  9. BrianM

    @Studus the Mac is a mobile video vs the others being desktop, and likely differences in driver efficiency between OS, it would be interesting to see furmark run in windows on the same system.

  10. Embedded Guy

    Would be great, if you guys would do a benchmark for OpenGL ES, too. The embedded market is much more fragmented with many different vendors, so benchmarks make much sense there.

  11. Cacicia

    Mac OS X build is not working here: once you double click the app it start japing on the dock but nothing happens. After 30-40 secondes the apps stop jumping but if you click on it from the dock it quit.

    Mac Pro 1,1 (2006) with an ATI5870 (2 displays connected right now) running Mac OS X 10.7.5.

  12. Macmaol

    I tried again today (my Macbook just woke up after a long time sleeping), the score is even better :

    Module: FurMark
    Score: 2809 points (FPS: 46)

  13. joneskind


    Maybe it’s because the top 5 cards are desktop cards. But I’m surprised too. Diablo 3 runs well on the new Macbook Retina, at 2560×1600, both on Windows or OSX. How could it be with those creepy results ?

  14. guest3

    Why did you give an executive file on Linux ‘exe’ extension ? Is this some kind of joke ?
    On top of that you made gui for Windows and MacOS but not for Linux. Why ? Is this some kind of discimination ?

    And it makes test only in fullscreen mode, in windowed mode it runs without any time limitation.

    Uningine benchmark made better Linux integration and it wasn’t 100% good either but very close.

  15. Promilus

    @guest3 – well, JeGX doesn’t sell his test suite as game engine the way Unigine creators do. BTW see that s at the end of creatorS – that means multiple of devs. I guess JeGX noted those “bugs” and there’s no point to criticize so much.

  16. Stefan

    no not yet, sth. wrong with my NVIDIA rig that needs to be sorted out

    @embedded guy
    the “Android fragmentation” is actually the problem when creating any program for Android as there are 4 major GPU vendors whose products need to be tested for compatibility by the developer in first place. There are a lot of mean kids in the Playstore who like to give negative reviews if sth. aint working.
    However i presented a bunch of mobile benchmarks in the forum that might be interesting for you.

  17. cluthz

    Enigine OpenGL: 3.2 NVIDIA-8.1.0

    Module: Furmark
    Score 2010 (FPS: 33)

    AA off
    Duration 60000ms

    The GiMark won’t start.

  18. KysioT

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 – 306.97 driver

    Module : FurMark :

    Score : 3246 points (FPS 54).

    Module : TessMark :

    Score : 26169 points (FPS : 436).

    Module : GiMark

    Score : 5454 points (FPS : 90).

    Settings :
    AA Off
    Duration 60000 ms.
    Windows 7 64-bit SP1

  19. Andreas


    Hi, i posted the new port to Mac OS X here and collect results / probs.
    (this site is used mostly by hackintosh users – much more gpu types running OS X than on real macs).

    PS: I fail in trouble running downloaded .zip. Reason was not setted chmod +x flags for the two apps. Maybe depend on unzip tool.
    I fixed that and added app icon (orig.) and uploaded it to the site above with that new zipped tool.

  20. MrCellkill

    Windows 7 x64
    XFX Radeon HD7970 Black Double 3GB (1000/1400)
    Catalyst 12.11

    -1920×1080 Fullscreen
    -Antialiasing: off
    -Duration: 60000ms

    FurMark: 5208 Points (FPS: 86)
    TessMark: 18107 Points (FPS: 301)
    GiMark: 5584 Points (FPS: 93)

    I7 920
    Asus Rampage II Extreme
    8GB Ram
    850W Corsair

  21. rGiskard

    @ Cacicia: GpuTest is 64 bit only, so it will not run on a macpro1,1. RTFM.

  22. rGiskard

    D’oh! That was stupid, of course your macpro1,1 can run this. @ me, RTFM!

    Maybe it’s a permissions issue?

  23. blacksheep

    Mac Pro 1,1
    Radeon 5850 flashed
    Mac OS 10.7.5

    1920×1200 fullscreen, no AA

    FurMark: 2359 (FPS: 39)
    GiMark: 2676 (FPS: 44)

  24. Andreas

    “Maybe it’s a permissions issue?” (OS X)
    Wat happens if you double click it?
    If nothing happens it maybe the permission (in detail: rw but no x flag)
    Check that by finder show content and look into both MacOS code folders. Both executeable should have +x flag (chmod +x …..).
    Some unzipper may fail with that and “forget” to set the (+x flag is set correct in zipped tool) +x after unzipping. Try other or standard unzipper.

  25. Gonzalo

    Some Benchmarks of the VGA of mine (MSi Radeon HD 7850, Twin Frozr III), running on W7 SP1 x64, and AMD Catalyst 12.10. Tests were performed on Stock (GPU:900MHz / Mem: 1050MHz) and OC (GPU:1050MHz / Mem: 1400MHz / +20% Power). Resolution 1920×1080, Fullscreen, No antialising.

    Furmark : 2991 pts (50 FPS)
    Tessmark : 4399 pts (73 FPS)
    Gimark : 5073 pts (85 FPS)

    Furmark : 3460 pts (58 FPS) [15.6% gain]
    Tessmark : 5158 pts (86 FPS) [17.3% gain]
    Gimark : 6215 pts (104 FPS) [22.5% gain]

  26. Artanis

    Catalyst 12.11 beta 11
    r7870 hawk 1210/1320

    furmark(opengl 3.2), 1920×1080 fullscreen, aa:off

    tessmark(opengl 4.0), 1920×1080 fullscreen, aa:off
    20832(fps: 347)<—bottlenecked by pci-e

    gimark(opengl 3.3),1920×1080 fullscreen, aa:off
    6460(fps: 107)

  27. summers

    8350 4.6GHZ, ht2600, nb2600, ddr3 1866 9 10 9 27 1t
    gtx680 zotac amp! (stock) (1241,6600) arctic cooling water cooled…(power target 129%)
    win8pro 64, nvidia 310.90

    furmark 3482 fps:58
    tessmark 30917 fps 515
    gimark 6025 fps 100

  28. Randy

    I have a system with multiple graphics cards. Is there a way to specify running the test on a specific graphics card? My goal is to compare the same hardware on SUSE Linux and windows 7.

  29. JeGX Post Author

    @Randy: the only way I see to run the test on a specific a card is to tell GpuTest to open the window on a particular display. I thought GpuTest had this option but not. I will add a command line param in the next update for that.

  30. Randy

    Thanks. Are there command line options for the windows version to specify which test to run? I saw all the information on the linux version.

  31. Tess

    MacPro 1,1 (X5355 Xeon Upgrade – 8 cores)

    Geeks3D GpuTest (OSX 64-bit) 0.2.1

    OSX version: 10.7.5

    Module: FurMark
    Score: 983 points (FPS: 16)

    – 1920×1080 fullscreen
    – antialiasing: Off
    – duration: 60000 ms

    – NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT OpenGL Engine
    – OpenGL: 3.2 NVIDIA-7.32.12

    And for GiMark I get one frame in about 7 or 8 seconds. ;D – Screen size doesn’t seem matter. ;p

  32. Tess

    And 10.7.5 is all she wrote for the MacPro 1,1 by the way. 8.0 can NOT be installed on this machine and there does’t look like there will be any sane hacks available in the future in order to force it either… 🙁

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