NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Launched

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti

NVIDIA has officially launched a new GeForce, the GeForce GTX 650 Ti. This cards aims at filling the gap between the GeForce GTX 650 (384 CUDA cores) and the GeForce GTX 660 (960 CUDA cores) with its 768 CUDA cores. The GeForce GTX 650 Ti is priced at USD $149. This card has been designed to deliver very good performance at full HD (1920×1080) resolution. This card, despite its name (GTX 650), is a new variation of the GTX 660 family, based on the GK106 GPU. The GTX 660 has a fully enabled GK106 GPU while one SMX (192 cores) has been disabled in the GTX 650 Ti. And the GTX 650 Ti does not have a boost clock speed like other GTX 660 or GTX 680. NVIDIA has decided to limit the boost functionality to the GTX 660/670/680/690. In the AMD side, the GTX 650 Ti is slower than the Radeon HD 7850 and faster than the Radeon HD 7770.

Here are the main features of the GTX 650 Ti:

  • GPU: GK106, base clock: 925MHz, fabrication process: 28nm
  • Shader processors (CUDA cores): 768
  • Texture units: 64
  • ROP units: 16
  • Memory: 1024MB GDDR5 @ 5400MHz effective (or 1350MHz real speed), 128-bit
  • TDP: 110W
  • Power connectors: one 6-pin
  • APIs: OpenGL 4.3, Direct3D 11.1, OpenCL, CUDA, PhysX

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4 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Launched”

  1. Casecutter

    Yep, I’d like to see it be down to what the GTX460 768Mb 192-bit was like $115… say by Black Friday. If you have/or want a 24″ 1920×1080 with MSAA this thing wanders from barely above a ref 7770 to still well behind a 7850 1Gb. It definitely bandwidth staved while some didn’t translate (scale) for these GK106 like the GK104 gave. Is it Cuda’s or what? Then real hit and miss for OpenCL. It cute and perfect for 1680x but not at the $150-180 price when 7850 1Gb are $165-170.

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