NVIDIA R306.63 Beta OpenGL 4.3 Graphics Drivers

NVIDIA GeForce driver installer

The creator of GeForce cards has released a new set of OpenGL 4.3 graphics drivers in beta version for developers. To play with OpenGL 4.3, a GeForce 400 / 500 / 600 series is required.

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More information about NVIDIA OpenGL 4.3 drivers can be found HERE.

R306.63 is based on the dev branch r304_83-34 and exposes 335 OpenGL extensions (GL=309 + WGL=26).

NVIDIA R306.63
GPU Caps Viewer 1.17.2

Source: Geeks3D forum

6 thoughts on “NVIDIA R306.63 Beta OpenGL 4.3 Graphics Drivers”

  1. oscarbg

    Please be aware that due to some nonsense in OGL 4.3 spec for compute shaders compute support is *toy* level for me meaning even optimized simple matmul from Nvidia CUDA SDK isn’t portable straightly.. the *key* is that barriers aren’t allowed in control flow.. this is supported in D3D 11 compute shaders, CUDA and OpenCL models for ever so seems an Nvidia extensión would be become .. hope you help spread this defficiency here .. please see detailed post on OGL forums :

  2. Studus

    why is this website so Windows-centered? why are there no new for Mac users and software for Macs? why is GPU Caps Viewer only for Windows?

  3. Michal


    This issue has been fixed in revision 7 of the GLSL 4.30 spec.

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