Skydive: Free Video Game Based on Unreal Engine

Skydive is a video game based on the Unreal engine (UDK, Unreal Development Kit) and developed over 10 weeks a group of swedish students. The game is based around wingsuit flying and features a huge free-form level that lets you choose your own path down the mountain. You can earn points by performing tricks and by flying more closely to the mountain.

Skydive is a game developed as a student project at University of Skövde in Sweden. We are 17 students that for ten weeks together have made this game in Unreal Development Kit. The gameplay mechanics are completely physics based, i.e. the character is really flying. The mountain is super huge (actually 14000 times larger than the Unreal Tournament map dm_deck). The game features several game modes, two characters and splitscreen support for up to four players. The game is a PC game but is played played with an Xbox 360 controller.

In version 0.2, the support of keyboard/mouse has been added.

You can download Skydive 0.2 (385MB) from this page: Skydive downloads.

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