Final Fantasy Real Time Tech-Demo

Final Fantasy Real Time Tech-Demo

Here is an impressive realtime tech-demo by Square Enix team. The rendering of the the beard is just incredible…

More information: Agni’s Philosophy – FINAL FANTASY REALTIME TECH DEMO.

Source: Geeks3D forum

Update: Square Enix Luminous Engine demo 2 iPhone (the real-time parameter editor):

14 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Real Time Tech-Demo”

  1. fellix

    There are still noticeable specular and shader aliasing. The post-process treatment is very good and cinematic, without over-blowing. The shutter speed simulation (i.e. motion blur) can be worked out a bit better, though. Kinematics and asset design is superb, as always.

  2. Squall Leonhart

    “Samaritan tech demo rapes dis shit. :D”

    And here folks, is the first retard of the day.

  3. JEskandari

    Well it was always square soft ideology ti invest twice as much on CGIs compared to the rest of the games .
    I guess they took that mentality with them to Square-Enix .

  4. DrBalthar

    Some real lame particle effects. Everything else not that impressed to be honest.

  5. Luminous

    DrBalthar would be the second retard in this thread. This is the most impressive demo, blows away UE4’s lameness by a mile.

  6. Anon

    lol. You console fags are pathetic. 😀 Square Enix=X360/PS3. So downscale this by 100 times and you will get Final Fantasy XV.

  7. onlyLinuxLovesUBack

    this was not realtime on a console, if it was it would be a 50 foot hallway followed by a movie.

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