Sketchfab: WebGL-based Service to Publish your 3D Models


Sketchfab is a service to publish interactive 3D content online, with WebGL and HTML5, and no plugin. The viewer can easily be embedded in any webpage, as simply as a youtube video.

I tested the service on this page and it works fine (at first sight). You should see three different 3D models: a spaceship from starwars, a charater (Bob) and a house. According to the developers of Sketchfab, the service is not yet designed to display several 3D objects on a single page…

5 thoughts on “Sketchfab: WebGL-based Service to Publish your 3D Models”

  1. Philski

    Phenomenal potential! Nice. My congratulations.

    One criticism – This is a little ‘grey’ – i’m guessing the shaders can be pimped out tho.

    Question for us architects: Does it run as smooth on integrated graphics (that no doubt my client runs) as it does on my Radeon HD6970??

  2. Psolord

    I running a Pentium 4 3Ghz and 8800GT here and all models render fine and very fast.

    I am very impressed by the finer details of the models, especially the house and the tie.

  3. chameleon

    Are these vector based or image sequences? What was the process in exporting the models? Do you have any tutorials on this?

  4. @Philski

    Im running this on my Intel HD Graphics integrated in my laptop with i3-370m and all three run smooth enough

  5. Sketchfab

    @chameleon: It’s vector based. We are working on tutorials but you can already try it by yourself, it should work pretty easily.

    @Philski: thanks for your compliments. We are working on better default materials to “pimp out” a little bit. It should work nicely on any reasonably recent computer.

    @Psolord: thanks, we’re glad you like it!

    Any questions:

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