GPU Shark 0.6.3 Released, GTX 690 and GTX 670 Support

GPU Shark

A new version of GPU Shark is available. GPU Shark 0.6.3 is based on the latest ZoomGPU SDK 1.8.3
and adds the support of latest GeForce GTX 690 and the freshly launched GeForce GTX 670.

GPU Shark, GeForce GTX 680

GPU Shark 0.6.3 DOWNLOAD

You can download GPU Shark 0.6.3 here:
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What is GPU Shark?

GPU Shark is a simple, lightweight (around 200KB) and free GPU monitoring tool, based on ZoomGPU, for GeForce and Radeon based graphics cards and is available for Windows only. GPU Shark offers a global view of all your graphics cards in a single window. More information HERE.

GPU Shark, GeForce GTX 680
Detailed view: GeForce GTX 680 + GeForce GT 520

8 thoughts on “GPU Shark 0.6.3 Released, GTX 690 and GTX 670 Support”

  1. Aggrajag

    Please add some method of copying the information to clipboard or screenshot or something.

  2. simon

    I downloaded the latest version but I can not see the GPU power even in detailed mode!
    I have a GTX480! Please someone can tell me why?
    thank you!

  3. simon

    I understand ….. This feature is only available for the 600 series! 🙁

  4. GR

    JeGX, does any AMD Radeon graffic cards can monitoring the power consumition or is only for nvidia’s gtx 600 series?

  5. GR

    Would be nice if some times in the future can also display the info while running any program (games) like MSI monitoring.

  6. SRBoodo

    If some things aren’t displayed, that is because your graphic card haven’t modul for that parametar (temperature, power or fanspeed).

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