NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Launched, Reviews Available

GTX 690

NVIDIA has officially launched today the new dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690 announced few days ago. To sum up things, this card is expensive (USD $1000), but is the faster card on the market today (almost same performance than two GTX 680 in SLI). Only few board partners will distribute this card. In US for example, only EVGA and ASUS models will be available. And due to the limited amount of GK104 GPUS, this card will be quite hard to find in the next days…

GTX 690 - wooden crate
Reviewers have received the GTX 690 in this wooden crate (Source)

GeForce GTX 690 Reviews

GTX 690 - performances

GTX 690 - performances

9 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Launched, Reviews Available”

  1. John O'Brien

    Why ?
    Why would anybody shell out $1,000 for a video card, he/she must be wealthy or nutty.

    I have a 3 year alienware arora with a 260 GT, latest drivers and the graphics are great.

    Nvidea will have tes cards gathering dust, except for the above mentioned “fans”.

  2. Bro

    @John O’Brien: You must be kidding. People don’t have problems with Intel 990X, 3960X. 1000$ each.

  3. Psolord

    @John O’Brien:

    Although I do agree on the 1000$ part being overkill, you cannot say that you are fine wit the GTX 260.

    Have you tried Witcher 2 or Risen 2 and the rest of the current crop of games, at 1080P or above with anything more than low settings and see how the 260 fairs?

  4. @kepler cocksucker

    You’re highly deluded. If the 680 performs better only on occasion (with automatic overclocking) than a 7970, what makes you think a 670 is any better? Is it better than a 680? hmm???

    No, that’s what I thought, dumbshit.

    Have fun with your compute-limited nvidia toys.

    Fucking idiot children.

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