MSI Kombustor 2.3.0 Released (Download)

MSI Kombustor 2.3.0

A new version of MSI Kombustor is available for download. Kombustor is MSI’s GPU stress test and graphics card benchmarking tool (for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon). More information about Kombustor can be found HERE.

The main new feature of Kombustor 2.3.0 is the support of the GeForce GTX 680 (clock speeds, power monitoring as well as some small changes in KMark PhysX code).

MSI Kombustor 2.3.0

You can download Kombustor 2.3.0 here (left-click to grab the file):

You can post your feedbacks or bug reports in the following places: Afterburner forum or in the comments section of this article.

MSI Kombustor 2.3.0 changelog:

  • New: added GTX 680 current power consumption in the main interface.
  • New: support of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 (clock speeds, power monitoring).
  • New: embedded GPU Shark.
  • Update: PhysX code (KMark benchmark) has been updated to run with NVIDIA Kepler-based graphics cards (GTX 600 series).
  • Update: minor changes in the interface.
  • Removed the Xtreme-burn-in mode. Now there is only one mode with reasonable heavy load.
  • Update: compiled with ZoomGPU 1.8.2 (support of latest Radeon HD 7000 and GeForce GTX 680).
  • Bugfix (fixed on April 26 2012): kdata.dll loading failure under WinXP. Fixed with a recompilation (using a different compiler setting).

MSI Kombustor 2.3.0

3 thoughts on “MSI Kombustor 2.3.0 Released (Download)”

  1. Ranguvar

    Finally. 2.2.2 would crash or not display the PhysX flag on GPU PhysX with the GTX 680.

  2. grml4d

    i used it with gpuz and gpu shark and i have strange results under win7 x64 , with xp x64 it is a bit strange but less..
    few days ago i installed xp x64 and win 7 x64 with latest drivers for my mainboard tyan s7025 that has 2 cpu and 2 hd 5970 plus a gtx 570..
    with win xp css runs at 300 fps , with win 7 15-20
    i tried a lot of registry tricks to have 4 gpu enabled in crossfirex with win xp , while gpuz says they are under win 7 . problem is that perf are not .
    i made an album of captures of win 7 :
    and win xp that is bigger :

    i tried the futurmark renaming and fps were higher but not stable at each run . with xp when server load a new map : pc reboot ..
    my displays are connected like 2 on the main vga then one one the second ati and one on the nvidia

    i would be very happy to have a real 4 or 5 gpu pc ;’] if you have any idea or help write me
    thanks in advance

    for the rest , the software runs very well and some demo are very flashy
    i wonder when i will buy a new mobo…may be in september , and reuse my gpus with it to see the whole benches in good conditions ;’]
    have a nice summer

  3. grml4d

    for the part where i wrote : with xp when server load a new map : pc reboot ..
    i talk about css
    win7 is running at 10-30 fps with css at 1440×900
    but 150-200 in eyefinity mode 3840×800 …

    thanks for all

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