3 thoughts on “Serious Gaming with CryENGINE 3”

  1. Leith Bade

    Wow. If only Crysis 3 was as detailed…

    Also imagine if that was a SimCity game…

  2. wooyay

    Does it run on linux?

    Seriously though, the problem with simulations is mostly that there is a lot smaller budget than with commercial games. Nobody has time to tweak all the shaders to have a nice reflection or whatever, mostly there is just enough time/money to get the basic functionality. So I will stick with OpenSceneGraph, it runs on everything and looks OK enough.

  3. Lightness1024

    @wooyay: exactly :'(

    however about linux, it can’t really for many reasons. OpenGL is not as well implemented than DX already on windows so on linux it can only be worse with the bazillion people implementing it and… nobody actually testing it. there is a few games/programs but nothing like the mass of graphic apps on windows. Which cause lack of test and lack of vendor care (oops sorry, “support”.). So even if in theory it could work because all the functionalities are there, in practice it will lack debug and perf. Same thing is even more true on Mac. this platform is so poorly and rarely developped that few things work with OpenGL.

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