(Tested and Burned) EVGA GTX 580 Classified Ultra Review

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8 – EVGA GTX 580 Classified Ultra: Conclusion

At around USD $550, EVGA’s GTX 580 Classified Ultra is no doubt one of the best GeForce GTX 580 ever made. With its custom power circuitry, the card has no hardware limitation (no throttling in very intensive 3D applications) and extreme overclockers (LN2) can push it to the max.

The GTX 580 Classified Ultra competes with ASUS Matrix GTX 580.

With a factory overclocked GPU at 900MHz and 3GB of graphics memory, this card is the ultimate weapon for your games and other intensive 3D applications.

The bundle is a bit simple (just few connectors and a CDROM). Where are the geeky stuff like posters or t-shirts?

Under load, the custom VGA cooler is a bit noisy with at idle, it’s barely audible.

If you need a robust GTX 580 with 10-year warranty (only EVGA offers that kind of warranty!), do not hesitate, the GTX 580 Classified is made for you!

EVGA GTX 580 Classified Ultra, Geeks3D approved!

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  1. Zibri

    Uhmm my 2 GTX 580 (model 1580 reference design) have a higher ASIC quality: 80.5 and 76.5 !

    And they overclock nicely at 910/2250 @ 1.138v 24/7

    They are also stable at 920 but 910 seems better to me.

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