FurMark at ASUS’s Lab for Stressing TOP Graphics Cards

ASUS's lab, FurMark

If you want to know some internal details about the making of ASUS’s TOP graphics cards (like the GTX 560 Ti DC2 TOP or the HD 7970 DC2 TOP), here is an insight into ASUS’ top lab: The Makings Of ASUS TOP Graphics Cards.

ASUS uses some popular stress test and benchmarking tools for validating the graphics cards (FurMark, 3DMark and Unigine Heaven according to the pictures).

By the way, I just received a Radeon HD 7770 DC TOP, I hope to publish a review next week!

ASUS's Radeon HD 7770 DirectCU TOP

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  1. Corwin

    found out that N-Body Interaction example from NVidia’s SDK11 is a very hot on my 560Ti and I have been surprised that NV actually has power virus in its own SDK too :))

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