NVIDIA R295.73 WHQL Released


R295.73 is the first WHQL driver from the R295 family of drivers (first beta HERE). This driver comes with performance boost, new SLI profiles and install a new version of PhysX System Software (v9.12.0209). NVIDIA has a detailed description here.

R295.73 drivers for desktop GPUs:

Verde R295.73 drivers for notebook GPUs:

R295.73 is based on the development branch r295_43-18 and is an OpenGL 4.2 driver with 290 OpenGL extensions (complete list is available HERE). R295.73 exposes the OpenCL 1.1 API (latest API is 1.2).

GPU Caps Viewer 1.15.0, R295.73 and GeForce GTX 580

Source: Geeks3D forum

3 thoughts on “NVIDIA R295.73 WHQL Released”

  1. Corwin

    I’ve tested it already, all ok. I like that they have boosted performance exclusively for my 560 Ti 🙂

  2. nuninho1980

    Was nvidia fix OpenCL 1.1 performance issue for (eg: LuxMark…)???

  3. Corwin

    “Was nvidia fix OpenCL 1.1 performance issue for (eg: LuxMark…)???”


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