Geeks3D is back!

A morning, two days ago, from the window of my new lab…

Dear readers, sorry for this long… blackout. First weeks of Feb 2012 have been quite intense (a move, a birth, a flu and 3 weeks to get a new high speed connection) but now I’m back!

18 thoughts on “Geeks3D is back!”

  1. Greg

    I missed you 😀

    Félicitations également, et surtout bonne chance (bonne nuit ?) 🙂

  2. Hugie

    Congratulations 🙂
    i hoe you’ll get enough sleep in the next months 😛

  3. serial_coder

    Félicitations ! Et merci beaucoup de tenir informée votre communauté sur votre disponibilité à tenir ce blog, mon préféré pour avoir des news sur la 3D et OpenGL !

  4. mareknr

    I’m happy to see you back. I enjoy this web and your work. 🙂

  5. Psolord

    Welcome back mate. I have to say I got a bit worried! 😛

    Living the view. Do you want any employees? 😀

    Congrats on the new life that came.

  6. Arun

    Welcome Back … Even for me it was too intense and was not able to concentrate on tech news or even Geeks3D… Now i have to catch up with all the latest news that i have missed …

    Congratulation on the birth 🙂

  7. kidd_wade

    Welcome back. missing your great jobs on all the intros to gpus and techs.

  8. mad god

    Good to see you back!
    Missed the news.
    Congratulations for the birth! 🙂
    And I envy the awesome view. 🙂 Where is it?

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