GPU Caps Viewer 1.14.6 Released

GPU Caps Viewer

This update of GPU Caps Viewer brings the support of Radeon HD 7970 and upcoming Radeon HD 7950 and fixes a bug in OpenCL information. The depth of the 3D image size (CL_DEVICE_IMAGE3D_MAX_DEPTH) was wrong (the value of max samplers was displayed in place of the depth).

GPU Caps Viewer


You can download GPU Caps Viewer 1.14.6 here:
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Win32 installer:

Zip archive (no installation required):

What is GPU Caps Viewer?

GPU Caps Viewer is a graphics card information utility focused on the OpenGL, OpenCL and CUDA API level support of the main (primary) graphics card. Even if you have several graphics cards in your system, only one is considered as the main OpenGL or Direct3D device. For OpenCL and CUDA, GPU Caps Viewer details the API support of each capable device available in the system. GPU Caps Viewer offers also a simple GPU monitoring facility (clock speed, temperature, GPU usage, fan speed) for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon based graphics cards.


  • New: added support of Radeon HD 7970.
  • Bugfix: in OpenCL, the value for CL_DEVICE_IMAGE3D_MAX_DEPTH was wrong (thanks to Nick for pointing out the bug).
  • Update: ZoomGPU 1.6.2

4 thoughts on “GPU Caps Viewer 1.14.6 Released”

  1. Stefan

    FYI: Intel IvyBridge video driver has a profile for GPUCapsViewer 😉


    %iIVBGD0% = iIVBD0, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0162
    %iIVBGM0% = iIVBM0, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0166
    %iIVBGD0SRV% = iIVBD0, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_016A
    %iIVBGD0GT1% = iIVBD0, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0152
    %iIVBGM0GT1% = iIVBM0, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0156
    %iIVBGD0SRVGT1% = iIVBD0, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_015A

    HKR,, _oglapp_GpuCapsViewer.exe, %REG_DWORD%, 0x00000040

    ; Localizable Strings
    iIVBGD0 = “Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000”
    iIVBGM0 = “Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000”
    iIVBGD0SRV = “Intel(R) HD Graphics P4000”
    iIVBGD0GT1 = “Intel(R) HD Graphics”
    iIVBGM0GT1 = “Intel(R) HD Graphics”
    iIVBGD0SRVGT1 = “Intel(R) HD Graphics”

  2. Nicolas

    Hi JeGX, I’m an OpneGL programmer and I use Caps Viewer for a variety of things. I found that the GLSL Shader Validation tool is really amazing when it came to test your shaders…the question is why it suddenly dissapeared form the latest builds. I still use 1.9.5 because in every new build you post there is no Shader Validation 🙁

  3. JeGX Post Author

    @Nicolas: honestly, I don’t know why I removed the GLSL shader validation tool. So I will re-add it for the next update!

    @Stefan: hehe, Intel loves GPU Caps Viewer!

  4. JeGX Post Author

    @Nicolas: just re-added the GLSL validation tool. It will be available with v1.15.0.

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